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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Year of the Wolf
Song:   Stop Playing
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sheek Louch]
Aiyyo Poobs let's go nigga - ahh, woo!
Ayyyo, I said I'm sicker than yo' average
One up in yo' cabbage and leave you there
I only brought the revolver here, no shells
Throw the jacks away I ain't talkin on cells
Get low, get a hoe, tell her where to go
Fuck her 'til her pussy sore, make her watch the door
I said I'm sicker than yo' average
Pump in the baby carriage, no fear
Nine in the Build-a-Bear, listen here homey
I said I'm sicker than yo' average
If I don't know homey I'ma fuck up his marriage
Get head from her, get a little bread from her
Put cum stains in his Hummer, listen dawg
I said I'm sicker than yo' average
You ain't know Sheek was a muh'fuckin savage
That's why I don't mingle, cause when I get a tingle
I turn into a wolf (AOWWW) ski-mask time
E'rything I see around your neck that's mine
I leave a nigga white tee red on up
I only shoot from the head on up (WHAT) nuttin else dawg
I said I'm sicker than yo' average
Sheek Louch..

("Yo Louch")
Yo ("C'mon now, stop playin with these niggaz")
Say no more

Fuck a shank I'm open, clappers get to loadin
Leave the burners smokin runnin tryin to tuck it in
All black niggaz tryin to figure what the fuck I'm in
The Haze farmer, the leather bomber, the long shank
I throw "Gasoline" on bitches like Daddy Yank'
Suck my dick if you ain't my clique
I should cum out your mouth if you ain't no chick
Bitch, I'm too itchy, I need foot powder for my hands
I make clam chowder quick out one of your mans
In the hood we don't care about you
You ain't nuttin to my niggaz, we don't hear about you
You hear (BRRAP BRRAP) yeah that's my niggaz comin through
You hear shots fired, probably D-Block niggaz too
The egg crate sittin on top of the trey-eight
Everything cool but you can tell that I can't wait
to jump into his chest, or jump into his vest
Either one I don't know why he wan' jump into this mess
Yes, let it go down, once and for all
I just hope y'all niggaz ready to brawl, let's go
{*wolf howls*}