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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Year of the Wolf
Song:   Don't Fuck With Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ FLash

{Hey Mario}

[Sheek Louch]
Sheek Louch nigga
Let the wolves out

Let's go homeboy, let's go homegirl
Let's get it poppin we ain't stoppin this is your world
I talk shit man, grab my dick and
Give these fake niggaz pounds with the same hand
Hey yo whattup bitch? Suck or fuck somethin
Hey yo whattup dawg? Stop talkin and buck somethin
No security, I got it everywhere
Places you need your passport I'm heavy there
Nigga Sheek yeah, aight sit there
And while you edit all the tires for your wheelchair
Fuck outta here, I ain't playin wit'chu homey
Besides a few albums, don't none of y'all really know me
Blow somethin, punch a nigga in his face
Clap back, let a muh'fucker know somethin
Nigga all gimmick, e'rything for a buzz to get sales
Ain't none of y'all authentic
I'm in the hood dawg, niggaz see me
When the last time you came through on GP
Fuck a in-store, or some kind of tax writeoff
Nigga sit down and take the night off
Burn somethin up, put the glass one down
Go in the store and get a five cent cup
I'm Sheek Louch dawg, fuck album sales
Talk about me say that nigga hard as nails
Fuck a brick, lil' black electrical scales
Better rethink it, and let the shit die
Cause my niggaz comin hard I ain't gon' lie

D-Block! D-Block! D-Block! D-Block! D-Block!

Aww shit, aww man whatever whatever man
Let's go, D-Block!