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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Year of the Wolf
Song:   Dirty Money
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Sheek Louch]
Woo! Sheek Louch nigga (muh'fuckers)
Grave you with me? (Geah)
"Dirty Money" huh? Let's go

The African drum, the runaway slave (geah)
They chained my feet and put me with Grave (woo)
I'm back on my grind, niggaz behave (behave niggaz)
It's not that I'm stupid, just that I'm brave
They say that I'm mean, they want me to wave
I'm watchin my back as close as you shave
In and out like Jason and Dave (my niggaz)
They shoulda never let a wolf out his cage (aowwwww)
I'm too gully boil
I go back like Fordham Road muslim oil
Chew sticks and shit, two clips and shit, through whips and shit
Rifles that almost got your boy Nixon hit
And I'm not bluffin (nah)
Which one of you turkeys wanna lose stuffin? It's nothin
I'm that cocky (yeah) throwback Rocky (yeah)
20 Belows, jaw like I play hockey
We can scrap player, fuck rap player
Sheek the hardest on this side the Himalayas
What'chu sayin cuz'? (whattup)
Sheek been doin shows with my tale when I only had a street buzz
Now it's big arenas (yeah), House of Blueses
Sweep so clean the Knicks keep losin {MARIO!!}
They say my album's sick
Mario laugh because now he can get the streets back on his dick

Hahaha, geah! D-Block {Mario?}
"Dirty Money" muh'fucker, yeah
Styles P whattup? The Ghost nigga
Time is money nigga
"Kiss of Death" in stores now
Gravy, whattup nigga?
You know how we do this shit man
Aiyyo Gravy I'm outta here man
Hold that shit down