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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Year of the Wolf
Song:   Clickety Clank
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Sheek Louch]
Aiyyo Poobs hit me nigga (hit me nigga)
Okay! (Aiyyo where my beer at son?)
Fuck it son, let's go in

Aiyyo clickety clank, that "Piggy Bank" shit is garbage
I thought it'd be harder than that
I thought G-Unit niggaz worked harder than that
I mean most of the shit, that I'm hearin is wack
Young Buck hang on lah, I like the dude
But it's war and any day I'll eat your food
Lloyd Banks took Fab whole style, like you ain't know
All you missin is his chipped tooth smile
And homey I ain't never gon' respond to you
I don't care what you say or what the fuck you do
You don't deserve no raps (nah)
Take your old ass home and take a nap, you garbage nigga
Ha ha, y'all not scary, don't the artists come from Yonkers
I know you wasn't talkin 'bout Mary (woo)
You diesel fags, stay in the car
And go G-G-G-G, all day in your sports bra
I'm in the hood dick
'Member the place you used to come to, when your shit went brick
(The hood nigga!) Before Eminem ever heard the shit you kick
When you could walk around without none of your clique
I don't care about your money dawg, no hatin either
We can do this all day and I don't need a breather
I want you to shut us down, how that sound?
My name too strong you clown
Guaranteed it's the can of worms
you might wan' put the top back on, 'fore your ass get germs
Back then niggaz wanted us to air y'all out
I said nah I kinda like what them niggaz about
Before I knew about the rattin
Before you locked up half of Manhattan, Irv and his boys
Before you ran around in them bulletproof toys
I thought you was a "Problem Child"
I see niggaz turn bitch when the shit get wild, ha ha
Yo ten mill' nigga, or twenty mill' sold (it don't matter)
You 'bout to lose the niggaz that's gold
I explode on homey
I like bein out but I unload on homey, let's keep this peace dawg
Cause you and me both got them big ol' heats dawg

That's how you rap right?
Fuck outta here nigga
Your shit garbage B
You don't sound Southern motherfucker
That fake-ass laugh and shit
You do that laugh so niggaz don't see you cryin nigga
D-Block bitch
You fucked up now, you know you done fucked up now
Sheek Louch what'chu gon' say bitch?!
Woo! It's nothin
Aiyyo Game, whattup my nigga?
You know what it is already
Henchmen whattup daddy?
Whatever whatever nigga, we right here man
Heh, let's go