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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Year of the Wolf
Song:   Body Blows
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sheek Louch]
Aiyyo SUPA! (D-Block)
Geah (I'm tryin, I'm tryin to keep it cool nigga)
Geah (I'm tryin to keep it cool nigga)
Geah (Cause I'm cool)
Sheek Louch nigga (No I'm so fly nigga)
Aiyyo SUPA! (D-Block dickheads)
(Put your muh'fuckin guns up)

You out your muh'fuckin mind I see
Thinkin you can fuck around with my team Aki, I'm a threat
I ain't heard nuttin hot out your mouth you said yet
I ain't got a lot of money but how much you wan' bet?
I'll crush and destroy you, and whoever you get
Girl or boy, sing to me niggaz
Plus you sound sweet, y'all wing to me niggaz
Sales ain't all that, but fuck it whose are?
I'm still in the hood, not a bulletproof car
And even if I go diamond, from rhymin
I'll still be in the hood, puttin my time in
Dutch out blowin smoke on filthy bitches
Head crack, bet it back, take a few pictures
I watch no TCI, no police see I
We pop in and vanish, damn
How you say "rattin" in Spanish? Niggaz is crazy
Get a lil' money, and niggaz start to get lazy
The difference is I don't give a fuck
Let your shit buck, nigga I'ma keep my shit tucked
Steel with the weights, steel on the bar
Shit nowadays I feel I can lift a lil' car
You know who you are, but I'm tryin be cool
You ain't gon' use us for sales, man we ain't no fools
We don't bite that easy but we write that easy
Niggaz live in the muh'fuckin lab WHATTUP?
Every 24 bars, I'ma double that shit
Until Russell or somebody asks me to quit
I told Jada hold up son, don't jump the gun
Let's hear him out then fuck it, it's on
Shit, come to find out, what the beef about
This homo shit, these niggaz is corn
Fuck outta here man, hehehe yeah

We sparrin and shit right now man
Yeah and I'm bein polite dawg, y'knahmean?
Aiyyo dawg, I know you sold 30 million records and shit
Y'knahmean, and what else you gonna say?
I know you got, a hundred million dollars dawg
We don't give a fuck about that shit nigga, you crazy?
You better keep that, take that shit somewhere else
Don't talk that Maybach shit, whatever shit here with us dawg
I'ma tellin you now man
And don't come harmonizin and shit daddy
Somebody in your muh'fuckin camp better tell you to spit nigga
Woo! D-Block bitch (Sheek Louch)
(Year of the Wolf) Let's go