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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Year of the Wolf
Song:   Bullet Blaze & Gotti Shit
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Sheek Louch]
Let the wolves out
{?} Entertainment nigga, whattup niggaz? {MARIO!}
Bullet Blaze & Gotti, let's go
Aiyyo Bizzy, these niggaz runnin around here
They try and live other niggaz lives man
They ain't us!
I don't see that shit though dawg (I don't see it), y'knahmean?
Do you nigga (Sheek Louch) be you nigga
(Let me talk to 'em) D-Block!
Let's go

Aiyyo, feel me dawg, my pain run deep
I toss in my sleep cause my money ain't right
Or I hear bullshit cause my circle ain't tight
You only seen half the street
You walkin on that side, come over where the murderers meet
It's a mystery, about who you pop
What you did, niggaz got no history
First come D before E-F-G
And you ain't that G, so chill with the ki
and the guns and your shit, 'fore niggaz find out
that it's only a skit, and run up in your house
and find none of that shit (where that shit at nigga) D-Block
I'm a motherfuckin menace, you hear me dickhead
My whole career niggaz ain't never been misled
Even in a shiny suit, niggaz knew I would shoot
You could tell I wasn't tryin to be cute, f'real

You see
Real niggaz can see through that shit man
Get that shit outta here man
Fuckin cowards
{?} Entertainment nigga
Bullet Blaze & Gotti
Shit crack right here