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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Year of the Wolf
Song:   Ask About Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sheek Louch]
Yeah, it's Sheek Louch dickheads (aowwwww)
You ready dawg? Let the wolves out, let's go

Aiyyo let's get it, shades and a fitted
Scar from the mouth, no ID
Vest so I don't need no IV (uh-uh)
Who I be? Feel me, ain't that important
Muh'fucker just put 'em in the air like Jordan (shit's up)
Top of the mornin, pumpin his mouth while he yawnin
Homey ain't rap too tight
Momma think I'm a good Baptist right?
She don't know about the hoes that I got on tape
In case one of these bitches wan' yell out rape
She don't know about our first bricks
Me P and Kiss, did half weight, other half mix (let's get it niggaz)
The white chicks, sniffin coke off each other lil' pink tits
{*laughter*} The gun play
The Desert that I keep in the car 'fore I see you on Sunday (whattup ma)
Niggaz that I left dead
The veins that I cut to stop the blood from goin to your head
They say I'm fucked up, shut the fuck up!
Before your ass gets stuck up, fuck it
I'm too hard homey; first day in the yard homey
You get scarred homey - feel me?
No security, no fear in me
I get it on no matter where I be
Shit, gun smoke 'til it's cloudy
I'm a thug, ask about me

Sheek Louch nigga
Album comin soon
"After Taxes," it's called "After Taxes"
Cause that's what it is
Jada whattup? Styles P whattup? {?} whattup?
Super Mario whattup nigga?
Hope y'all niggaz know what y'all doin man
Aiyyo Jesus turn that shit off man, fuck it
{Hey Mario}