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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Walk Witt Me
Song:   Walk Witt Me
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I don't know
Maybe we can make a change, maybe not

I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of living
I'm tired of niggaz, I'm tired of women
Just wanna be myself
Keep the fame, keep the wealth, give me my health
Take me to a place where they a'int hating no more
Where I don't gotta raise the hammer and clap the four
Where I don't gotta kick your door and ask for more
Where I don't gotta dig your floor and ask for more, whoa
Where I don't gotta serve no heads, cook no coke
And there's no such thing as feds
And there's no such thing as AIDS
And little kids live the age to walk the stage
No little babies crying, mama a'int dying
Papa live at home, he got a steady job
Everybody fall, he don't gotta rob

Walk with me talk with me
Some times I just sit and think
You know it's hard to express it y'all
That's why I put it all in ink

Where we ain't black or white
Matter fact we are, but we don't have to fight, or kill
Maybe Malcom would have been alive still
Maybe Martin would have been able to chill
Maybe a black face on a dollar bill
I keep hope alive, that I stay alive
I think it's coming, I try not to drink and drive
A place where the death penalty is gone
No abortions, life only lives on
Nobody getting shot for their chains
And no hard labor jobs, we all using our brains
And you don't have to strip through school
Cover your body mama, everything is cool
Let you daughter know here moms is smart
And that's your heart, before you tear her apart
I think I'm asking for too much man


No murders on the 5 o'clock news
No bodies over Jordan tennis shoes
Nobody laying on me, waiting to blast
I feel the spirits of my niggaz that past
It's like they right here, I just can't see them
Sometimes I'm jealous of them, damn I wanna be them
Everybody fake, when will this ever end
If you don't know your enemy, the you don't know your friend
A place where there's no more wars, no more tears, no more liquor, no more beers
No more stocks, no more shares, no more fights, no more jails, no more kites
A place where you don't value money, just the air you breathe
And every day is sunny
I know it can never happen and it's just rappin
And I'm dreamin, again