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Artist: Sheek Louch f/ Bully
Album:  Silverback Gorilla
Song:   What What
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sheek Louch]
Yeah, it's a new beginning
But e'rything's still the same

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
If you love it in the hood my niggaz then say - WHAT WHAT!
If you like gettin money my niggaz then say - WHAT WHAT!
If you runnin from them boys my niggaz then say - WHAT WHAT!
But your guns is out, cause you gon' have to catch me!

[Sheek Louch]
Aiyyo Grease let's go daddy~!
I got my back all in it, D-Block inside
Got my Mac all in it, I ain't leave it in the ride
See my face whup a nigga, no bob and no shower
Just heavy pushin nigga, mad weed and liquor
We don't hide from you homey (nah) we just get up and we go
One cigarette, orange juice, one butter roll
E'rybody know my name (Sheek Louch!) Bitches on my dick
Police loopin back around cause they think they slick
Cause I got heavy ammunition, three birds on the seat
But I'm just goin here to there, I ain't tryin to draw heat
cause I got somethin on my waist (uh-huh) somethin under the hood
Motherfucker I'm good for a high speed chase (tell 'em!)


Okay - you know the name nigga - Bully, BITCH~!
I'm a money go-getter, you a light dough spender
I'm Barry Bonds of rap you ice cold nigga
County on my ass, feds and the task
Caprice, doin a hundred but only 80 on the dash (damn!)
Pounds in the trunk, burner and a brick
Too $hort bitches, on my Oakland shit
I got love in the hood, for my thugs in the hood
Got my bottom bitch with me she got the snub in the hood
Niggaz talk reckless; I tell 'em "Boy listen here
You gon' need more than magic to make me disappear"
System in the Caprice, soundin all crystal clear
Knockin +Silverback+ (GORILLA!) Frontin like we switchin gears


[Sheek Louch]
Black tops, red tops, clear backs, E pills
Ranges, Coupe DeVilles, comin through on big wheels
Hat low, my niggaz rowdy as they wanna be (D-Block!)
Bluntly, stupid bitch, get from in front of me
Sheek Louch homey, now I got a street buzz
Song's hot, just like when "Everyday I'm Hustlin" was
Down South heavy but New York is where I rest at
White tee, hover muh'fuckers wear a vest at
Late night, pop the trunk, party over here hoe
Drink up, smoke some'n, that's what it's there fo'
Hood love, love that, love money, love rap
Love fiends who love crack, dope boy and all that!


Hahahaha, ahhh...