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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Silverback Gorilla
Song:   That's a Soldier
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[Sheek Louch]
Just a kid on his own just tryna get by
cause his parents not home, cause they out getting high
So he goes to the store tryna steal something fly
But he gets bored, now he's on the juvenile ride
And he's placed in a home, and he talks on the phone
In a whole 'nother world cause he thinks that he's grown
So he comes off the waste and shanks up a face
but little does he know that's a whole 'nother case
That's a soldier, been in every kind of jail
Even taught himself to read, nigga sharp as a nail
He don't smile that much, he don't like to be touched
I mean, a nigga hard, see him out in the yard
doing fifty a clip, something crazy on the waste
They heater real reason they glued all the plates
Nigga got no fear, every nigga on the tier
From the warden to the guard show him love I swear
He done put in his work, he been working the floor
In the library every day learning the law
So he goes to the board and they let him come home
But gave him parole even though that he's grown

Stay with the hammer, the twenty-two long (that's a soldier)
Going to war even though that he's wrong (that's a soldier)
Don't give a fuck what side you on (that's a soldier)
You ain't his fam 'less you there when he's born (that's a soldier)
And he don't care what time it is (that's a soldier)
He getting up quick to handle his biz (that's a soldier)
Millionaire nigga that's moving that raw (that's a soldier)
And you ain't even know he lived next door (that's a soldier)

[Sheek Louch]
Now the streets ain't the same, it's a whole 'nother game
It's a lotta new names and a lotta new chains
Lil' niggas on the block with pela-pelas
Diamonds in their mouth, sitting on chrome, talking on cellies
Big funny-shaped Benzos, big Lorenzos
Homie getting tired of just rocking his Timbos
Bitches running around with fat asses
Only giving pussy to these niggas with nice-ass glasses
Damn should change, how this pussy nigga get him a Range?
These lil' niggas now working with change
He like 'Fuck that, something gotta give where I live'
These niggas gon' break bread or niggas is dead
That's a soldier


[Sheek Louch]
Aiyyo, now he already violated cause his urine is dirty
And he already got a hammer, he just watching a birdy
These lil' niggas don't know the homie seven-thirty
And they don't really don't care, they shoot just as fast
Niggas coming round the block, they better not be ass
Duke a soldier, he tried to tell homie who he was
What he does, laughing, lighting a blunt
These lil' niggas like 'Yeah? Now what you want?'
Showed his gun handle, point the O.G. to candles
Tell 'em that could be him, now beat your Timbs
Homie clapped at 'em, point the MAC at 'em
It's getting crazy now, but fuck it, it's a soldier in town