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Artist: Sheek Louch
Album:  Silverback Gorilla
Song:   Scrap to This
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sheek Louch]
This is steel glock music slash hip-hop music
slash rock music, no, not pop music
This is heavy at the bar, big cigar, hood chick wit'chu
Fat ass, somethin loud in the cat
Long-ass barrel, the shells big
All black mask over me, chick Anne in a cold wig
Comin through Newhaven, 24's what I'm cravin
Ain't that scary? TV's "Something About Mary"
System up, Alpine just on 9
Lil' kids wanna open the blind, it's a hood thing
I make these dudes wanna get more, that's a good thing
Hold up; I ain't no role model
I just make a model roll up, send her to the stage and hit the pole up
Liquor drinkin, club small
Hood little hole in the wall, that's where I be y'all
Chain hangin like "What?! Come rob me"

Hood rats (thugs) ladies (thugs)
I'ma make 'em make 'em scrap to this, uhh, gyeah
Hood rats (thugs) ladies (thugs)
I'ma make 'em make 'em scrap to this, uhh
Put your hands up (hey) put your hands up (hey)
I'ma make 'em make 'em scrap to this, uhh
Put your hands up (hey) put your hands up (hey)
I'ma make 'em make 'em scrap to this, let's go

[Sheek Louch]
I like to smoke and go past the clouds
Like to drink and don't stand there homey, I walk through crowds
I ain't a trouble maker, I'm just not soft
But these dudes will shoot, so please don't push me
I've been workin out, startin to get a nice little build
We can scrap on the other wing, get you killed
Ain't no formula here, I just spit what I want
I don't care what's in rotation or hot for the month
I don't stress the PD to play my song
A hit is a hit, with Sheek you know what you get
Somethin crazy that the streets eat'll up
So don't matter if it's there yet homey; it will heat up


[Sheek Louch]
I'm right there - O.G. slash young boys nightmare
Yeah, what I do in the booth
Sheek walk around with, what they shoot off the roof
Ain't that the truth, one thing you just can't change
and that's hood love when everything else seems strange
Now these chickens wanna jump in my clique
They say you got a club hit, when it die they don't watch you forget
That's why I push it to the limit, like Ross that's it~!


"I'm wearing my heart like a crown..."