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Artist: Sheek Louch f/ Jadakiss, Styles P
Album:  Silverback Gorilla
Song:   Gettin' Stronger
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[Chorus 2X: Sheek Louch]
L-O-X, getting stronger
D-Block, getting stronger
Hip Hop, getting stronger
Geah, geah, geah, geah

[Sheek Louch]
Sheek Louch coming through waving the four-four
Nike boots, black hoody, tell me who want war
Coke on the glass table, some rock vodka
Dutchy rolled, soaked in Cuervo golden
My swag is up, my bars is tight
The house, the bitches, the jewelry, the cars is right
The hammer's light, titanium
I put three in your cranium like pop, pop, pop
Then I stop

It used to be five-hundred K in the closet
Now it's a couple Ms every time I deposit
Tell the young boys, it ain't really nothing, it's logic
Stack whatever you get and don't spend till you got it
On top of that, stay consistent with your product
Don't matter if it's just weed or if it's narcotics
Do time, you'll pulling off the lock in something exotic

[Chorus 2X: Sheek Louch]

[Styles P]
Boss Don Dada, dance with the Devil
Never bought the bitch Prada, you ain't getting nada
Pale moonlight, I'm goon like in hiding
And the slug from a four-pound
Like some pretty pussy walls, I tear you all down
We all go to war now, L dot, O dot, X motherfucker
Bricks on the planes, trains, couple to the truckers
Shoot from anywhere like niggas in the Ruckus

[Sheek Louch]
Getting stronger, barrel longer, coupe shorter
Jar of that water, millennium flow
Camora times two, millennium hoe
Tattooed up, diamond cross, Hip Hop's Randy Moss
Dump the whole clip and toss
Hottest group, let the beat loop and we bury you niggas
In your pocket like Kiss and Jigga's
Big money, big cars and big cigars, what up?

[Chorus 2X: Sheek Louch]

Yo, comas, funerals, wheelchairs, paraplegics
Real life, so you gotta believe it
If you did have a goal, then you gotta achieve it
Cause your body stays here but your soul gotta leave it
Square feet, hot wheels, two-hundred bricks
One shot deal cause everybody dabble or pop pills
It's hard to top that, point-blank the god has got crack
We U-P-S body parts back

[Styles P]
I don't get the newest Benz, I get the newest house or newest business
I learned that from a Jewish friend
I break bread with the Arabs but I'm African
So I got dope chilling in the gray cab
I can hit you with a hook, or a straight jab
Or I could cock it back and shoot you in your face hab
And you know I'm from Y-O nigga
Got every kind of charge, even a Y-O nigga

[Chorus 2X: Sheek Louch]