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Artist: Sheek Louch f/ Jadakiss
Album:  After Taxes
Song:   Pain
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Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain, pain
the pain that a man as just didn't do it
when two junior flip hot rod lovin pig police man
(pain) put 'em in a position where he must choose
against humiliation as a man or death
(pain) leave your head, cuz you outta be dead

[Sheek Louch]
Block-a this is your brain on drugs
Love is pain and pain is love

Block-a this your brain on drugs
Ya'll came wit police we came wit thugs

[Sheek Louch]
Ayo I droped pain on 'em, switched the game on 'em
Whoever out there hot I'mma rein 'em
I see niggaz slowin down I'mma gain on 'em
No beef but fuck it put his brain on 'em
Uh if his face is hurtin
I'm in Yonkers comin down burnin in that thing wit the curtain
pants leg up call me Sheek Cool J
Hat low shorty from paris run way, the thing is loaded
Eatin lunch wit politician and I don't even think I voted
They see my face they think I'm rich
I'm by myself they think I'm bitch
Until they layin why doctors stitch
Cuz I clap like a nasty bitch
You don't know me, you know my name
You heard my raps, but you don't feel my pain

[Chorus: 2X]
I got more than you lookin for--> Sheek Louch
Pain--> Jadakiss
She backin it up on the dance floor--> Sheek Louch
Pain--> Jadakiss
By her self tellin me she got more--> Sheek Louch
Pain--> Jadakiss
It ain't all bad homey its sumthin good--> Sheek Louch
Pain--> Jadakiss

yea, yo, uh, sort of like in a vangelis
Cuz you hear it but you don't know how to handle this
Uh, be it nine or the knife
Everybody felt it at sometimes in they life
Its all different kinds to endure
Pain is pure and most time it ain't no pure
Thats why I'm in the hood I don't be where the stars is
One of my records is platinum but all of my cars is
You pokin Mount Air lodge is
I'm Germnay tall bust menage a trois' , "Trading Places"
If you don't like the hand you was dealt just make sure you save your aces
Uh, and I'm gettin a lil Dividends
Big Boys think I'm distributin
Divin off yachts in the Carribean
Yea, thats just the life that we livin in

[Chorus: 2X]

[Sheek Louch]
AYo, I'm ridin dirty
On the passenger side wit just the premier me and my birdy
Lui boots red monkey jeans on
Jamaica chick get my sex and Queens on
Haze lit, blunt lick finger thick
Flow make 'em all fight like a spring a chick
Sheek Louch and Jada *meowa*
Put 'em half dollar hoes on the side of your car

Yo neva put your eyein away
Dream like you livin forever but live like you dyin today
Uh, 38 is new, 357 is a lil older
Everythin else is for the shoulder
From hear on I spit it on red form
Brinin these niggaz eatin the ground of air born
And you just runnin your mouth, stay in your house
If you don't know nuttin about no PAIN!

[Chorus: 2X]