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Artist: Shawn Wigs f/ Ghostface Killah
Album:  The 45 King
Song:   Side Lines
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Shawn Wigs (Ghostface Killah)]
Yo, I've been sitting on these side lines (Wigs, you ready?)
This time around, I'mma get mine (Wigs, you ready?)
Put me in, I verbally play to win
(Park your Benz in the back, pa, come on in)

[Shawn Wigs]
Aiyo, it's time to take notice, I've been sitting too long
Laying home while I marinate words for new songs
Let me at 'em, can't hold me back, I'mma splat 'em
Slang day walker, raise hell up on the Staten
I'm an artist, pardon me, God, I try hardest
To maintain, can't have 'em shitting on my name
Stepping on toes, I verbally oppose the best
Leave 'em ducking, try'nna slide they head in they vest
"Dodge this.." Aiyo, your boy's back, Cognac and a soda pop
Brand new six hundred, with the glass for a roof top
Rap Superfly, Wigs Mayfield DeBarge
I'm cuffed in the caught, but I left with no charge
Sorry your honor, hit the road with Donnamite Dolo
We struggled as a Unit, and some left for solo
I build and destroy, my verbal intake's greater
You ignorant rappers, get marked down as haters
All I do is express myself, manage my health
Try to boost sales, and chunk up my wealth
But my charm all chunky, and my wrist all heavy
And I manage, to stay in the hood like Little Debbie
I'm real, son, some people choose the wrong path
But after the laughter, I'm getting the last laugh
My rocky road techniques, is hitting the streets
And I've loyal, too long, son, unable to eat
You gon' see me, these chains can't hold mem back
Look at my eyes, tell me I wasn't born to rap


[Shawn Wigs]
Yo, I'm a Staten Island gorilla, Michael Jackson thriller
Philly blunt filler, my style be old vanilla
Illafied, but you leave me no room to talk
I see your plate's full, God, but you made room for pork
I'm like, too cuts clear, send three shots of 'roids
Got Mariah in the back and she screaming "Oh boy"
I'm kill her, Cam just sampled the voice
Show me some love, Wigs'll be the people's choice
That's not factual acts, that's actual facts
You wanna bum rush the block, but don't got no stacks
Better relax, my Enterprise is built with domes
This '06 rap game got no time for poems
Keep, juggling stones, your glass house gon' shatter
On the road to the riches, my pockets is getting fatter
The gym keep me stocky, streets make me cocky
Talk is cheap, sales keep my necklace rocky
I'm so for real.. Starks Enterprise, come on! Uh-huh, yea