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Artist: Shabazz the Disciple
Album:  The Passion of the Hood Christ
Song:   Preme
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: sample]
Time, time...
All I need... all I need is...

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Aiyo, Preme, I know you in heaven, thugging with Rah
I hope you had a peaceful journey back to Allah
It's been two weeks now, since I heard the shots firing
All I keep hearing in my head, is them sirens
Still can't believe that you got laid down
Keep seeing visions in my head, of you bleeding on that ground
It was the first of the month, the block was mourning
I'll never forget, shots woke me up, ten in the morning
I'm looking out the window, not sure if it was you
When your moms ran to that ambulance, that's when I knew
And once they taped off the block and marked the shells
I knew you was gone, man, I felt it, I can tell
I watched your blood on the ground, until it dried
Shit reminded me of Kool G. and Rob, the pride inside
You was home three months, just did 11 and a half
It's like you came home and died, man, it happened so fast
I miss seeing you slap box with Louie Cyrus
Aiyo, Preme, man, you always live inside us
You put your shit down, niggas knew that you was bout it
You had a lot of love in the hood, your wake was crowded
Say you was hurt, man, we all gonna miss ya
I wrote this whole song talking to your picture
A mother loses her child, a trial gets blown
You never feel the pain of the loss, until it hits home

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook 2X w/ Chorus: Shabazz the Disciple]
I pray that there's a heaven for thugs who die
In the hood, it's hard, to love the men of the yard

[Shabazz the Disciple]
You dedicated your whole life to the game, that was your passion
Now everytime I walk on my block, your life be flashing
I seen alot of shit, real young, fucking with ya'll
I remember you got away when niggas called Pete Rob
And all them ninth floor parties with Ross, Bumpy and Moses
It fucked us up, seeing you, covered with roses
You was loyal to the Godfather climb, the don of Brooklyn
Ya'll ain't the life, niggas'll write a script and book on
Block legends, go anywhere and make the city pop
Remember when I saved your man life, on Biggie block
Everybody quick to judge a life and shit can do
But they don't have a heaven or hell, to offer you
I think you should of fell back Preme, and came up slow
It's alot of shit about Red Hook, that you ain't know
The game still ain't changed, only the players
Now the block be flooded with young gun sprayers
I don't really know how it went down, or why it popped off
The way I see it, somebody really wanted you knocked off
It's fucked up, and all I can think of is your mother
The way it happened, I know it remind her of your brother
A strong black woman, man, I don't know how she do it
First Steve-O, now you? I pray God can walk her through it
A mother loses her child, a trial gets blown
You never feel the pain of the loss, until it hits home

[Chorus 4X w/ Hook 4X]