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Artist: Shabazz the Disciple
Album:  The Passion of the Hood Christ
Song:   The One
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Shabazz the Disciple]
Yeah, this is it, the wait is over

[Shabazz the Disciple]
It's like I'm back from a long stretch, I've been in the bing
On work release, nigga, Hercules, once again in the swing
I never fell off, but pardon me for making ya'll wait
But everytime I seen the board, they push back a nigga release date
My penalty is they had me trapped in prison
They had me under the jail, I've been through hell, finally back risen
The second baptism, from the one who brought the Horror
First verse on Diary, D.P., Crime Saga
Came in the game, spitting hollow 16's, shot up the door
Ya'll know I got jerked for the verse of the month in '94
I had ya'll niggas all fucked up, where I took rap
Cuz a nigga stay balling the raw, ya'll shit is cooked back
The key ain't even hit the streets yet, for all my co-d's
My single was a freeze, and nigga still give me an OD
Now niggas act like they forgot about Bazz
The godfather of that ill shit, who taught ya'll how to spazz
The one who gave birth to all that spiritual thug shit
The one affiliate ya'll niggas was in love with
I chose my exile, I had a lot to turn
Now's the time, the street's prophesize my return

[Chorus 2X: Shabazz the Disciple]
The one prophesized of coming, has returned
The one who was tried and summoned, was adjourned
The one who has stayed on the path, and never turned
Many tried to come in his name, but will burn

[Shabazz the Disciple]
For forty days and forty days, I had to disappear
While I was gone, niggas went platinum off my ideas
They heard my shit, stole my flows and my beats
Knew I left the label, so they beat me to the streets
Now everybody wanna flow like a Disciple
They throw a little scripture in they verse, and sound just like you
And some of them fools even believe they really Christ, too
Shit ain't only bars and hooks, shit is my life, too
The one who was walked on water, and disappeared
Who tredded the whole desert like Moses, and reappeared
The one beaten down with many stripes and persevered
Stare eye to eye with his angel of death, but was spared
The one who was crucified daily, and severely
Stripped down to the dust like Jobe to the Israeli
The one scarred with cat of nine tails and who stoned with hail
Who carries the cross, the one who was pierced with nails
The one offered the world for the price of his soul
Who at the crossroad of his life, he chose the right road
The one the lord carried in the sand in need of life
The one who suffers for those around him to see the light

[Chorus 2X]

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Niggas is scared to death, they don't want me to drop
Cuz they know when I come out, yo, I'm closing up shop
This year, me and my fam, we gon' show you who's hot
Watch the album, ya'll gon' see who's controlling the block
You tell me whose that nigga that gave fire in every verse
That nigga that everybody always wanted to go first
The one that always had ya re-writing ya fucking verse
Who mastered all the flows and his style is mad diverse
I switch clicks cuz I'm out here trying to get rich
Everybody else got houses and cars, and I ain't get shit
What the fuck else I was suppose to do?
Walk away and be a man, or flip out and get emotional
Run it like the tracks, nigga, light repels
I control my own destiny, too, my fate was sealed
I put my whole career on my back, and roll the dice
You see the gamble paid off, when I made the sacrifice
And niggas'll always love me, cuz a nigga stay hungry
And I only keep the thoroughest muthafuckas among me
I stay representing Red Hook, home of the villains
The world's largest projects, I know ya'll heard about all the killings
I even heard some of ya'll spitting Red Hook on ya'll shit
I ain't ever see you walking through these blocks or on these bricks
Alotta snakes in the industry, try to hither me
But my will is too strong for them to ever put an end to me

[Chorus 2X]