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Artist: Shabazz the Disciple
Album:  The Passion of the Hood Christ
Song:   Marion
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Shabazz the Disciple]
Lord, you told me that if I walk with you from the beginning
You'll be with me the whole time
But I noticed that all my words crossed in my way
There was only one pair of footprints in the sand
I don't understand, when I most needed you
Why you left me alone, may the Lord answer me
My precious son, I always loved you
And I will never leave you alone, in your times of suffering
And you saw in the sand only one pair of footprints
There was then, that I held you in my arms
Lord, why Marion?
I wish I had the power, walk through the gate of a cemetary
And say "Rise", everybody rise, cuz Shabazz said rise
For right now, all I can do is pray and ask why
My little sister was only fourteen years old
Her life was stole, God bless her soul

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Yo, inside myself, I'm suffering, I'm feeling all alone
It's like I'm stranded in the dark, ready to journey home
Spirit exhausted from the holy wars of man and God
In danger, dissolve the physical form to fight a holy ghost
Too many thoughts crowded my mind striving for total bliss
Angel of death, riding my trail, blowing that deadly kiss
I reminisce words, echo in my brain like I'm insane
Nah, nah, she ain't dead, eternal migrane
Every time I look at your picture, now I get swollen eyes
Trying to survive in this cold world, so many stolen lies
I see her smiling in the clouds, when I gaze at the skies
I see us both laughing in heaven everytime I close my eyes
Three in the morning, on my bed, one in the fucking pipe
Shit pressed against my head, ready to take my fucking life
Sweating and breathing fast, I gotta even fast
Thinking about the jewel Bumpy told me, to let sick seasons past
Life last before our eyes, while the tears were pouring
Soon as that bullet pierced your flesh, my mother heard you calling
She jumped up, out of our sleep, felt your energy
Thinking to herself, what was the message, God was sending me

[Chorus 2X: Shabazz the Disciple]
Lord, please tell me why, did she have to pass away
Why did she have to pass away, at such an early age

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Praying at night for forgiveness, prophetic sin
Help me lord, my sister's soul has to be avenged
I contemplate revenge, congregate with my men
I wanna let the barrel spin, but please don't let me die in sin
My salvation is watching children, keeping seeing visions
Flashing, my little sister collapsing in that fucking building
Why is the story of my life so full of cloudy days
Why did I have to see so much at such an early age
Why did they have to send my sister to an early grave
We never know when it's our day, all we can do is pray
She always said she want to be with her mommy and daddy
Maybe she ain't suffering no more, and she's eternally happy
My little sister was only fourteen years old
Her innocent life was stole, God bless her soul
We pray to understand and see the footprints in the sand
As the lord carry his child to the promised land

[Chorus 2X]

[Shabazz the Disciple]
When I return, sprinkle my ashes on the ocean
Let my spirit be free, my seeds'll relive my emotions
Celebrate the good days we had in life, all the joking
I don't wanna see nobody crying, just Thug Passion glasses toasting
Remember walking down the corridor in King's County
I was young, going to identify Bumpy's body
They found him slain in the alley, body discomposed
So at the funeral, his casket was closed
I tried to pull Rah out his coffin while they were closing it
With tears in my eyes, I held his right hand and put a rose in it
My world was spinning fast, it's like the walls were closing in
Standing right before him, catching the children, hail and frozen wind
I couldn't eat for a week, I got skinny and weak
Digging inside the salvation, cuz I ain't wanna speak
My temperature read 106 but I was frostbitten
Laying on my deathbed like Christ lay on the cross, smitten
Almost collapsed in the studio when I first heard
I'm in Brazil, and Bless told me Marion was murdered
Her angel of death shot a man in his dead
From in the hallway, she tried to run from shots in the doorway
A bullet pierced her back, caused her spirit to leave
Her flesh, and now her breath is combined as one with my breath
I'm breathing for you, praying your soul into the pearly gate
Why did she have to leave this earth at such an early date
Wished I posessed the power to blow the breath of life back into her nostrils
Give her another chance in the hospital
It's like I see you crying, while I'm staring at your picture
We all love you and we gon' miss you, heed the little twitcher

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Shabazz the Disciple]
Word, and now she speaking through me
I know she wanna thank you mommy and Larry
For all ya'll done for, all the guidance
Putting up with her shit, cuz she it's not what she do
Word up, must hold on, Star, Cry, word up
Sha-Sha, we love you Marion