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Artist: Shabazz the Disciple
Album:  The Passion of the Hood Christ
Song:   Heavenly Bride
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Shabazz the Disciple]
In the skies above... to describe my love...
It's the one above...

[Chorus: Shabazz the Disciple]
Dear, pass me in heaven, you was sent from the skies above
Will I time, ain't enough to describe my love
Heavenly bride, you will never praise no one above
Although we die, may the God treat it like a drug

[Shabazz the Disciple]
This dedicated to the lady who'll always have my heart
Who I can ever hold closely, even when world's apart
Always kept me on the right path, and always guided me
Like two scents of purple in the sand, always beside of me
My destiny, my ecstasy, cuz what I've been through
I knew the type of women I needed, so he sent you
I testified away, mahogany massageny
She make a pain, hand in his God, step and spit law to me
She even loved my kids to death, like she brought them
That's the one thing I love about her the most, she be there for them
She be my common glory, the goddess of the story
Regardless if I'm loyal or not, she's there for me
She put a nigga and help him get off the block
The perfect grind on me, when I ever think of capping the rock
She grew up in the p's with me, went overseas with me
Even though she moved out the hood, bread and cheese with me
She been my thug princess ever since I was a child
When I was at my lowest, yo, she kept a nigga smiling
Massage my back when the skies were gray
I put that angel watching over you, if I die today
In '96, we broke-up, I let it go, then I see
You were meant to be, cuz my baby came back to me
Then she admitted her past, I still accepted her
And respected her, I vowed never to be neglecting her
I sacrifice all of my girls for her
Not only diamonds, but I wanna give the world to her
She give me feelings I could never describe
Spiritual healings, she's my heavenly bride


[Shabazz the Disciple]
I fell in love with her in the 7th grade, she was in the 12th
She said Rakim and KRS gave her knowledge of self
Run-DMC introduced me to her
Backstage with Slick Rick, and it felt like I've been knew her
Was always the first love, no girl can replace
She's the one copping my jewels and be keeping me laced
We've been together 20 years now, and I love her the same
As the first night I ever met her, and it guided the plane
She's always bouncing out of state, but I never lose the faith
Cuz for her, in my heart, the'll always be a place
Like the time, when she moved to L.A., with Dr. Dre
In '93, B.I.G. brought her back to B.K.
Then she moved to Shaolin, and moved in with Wu-Tang
She brought me along with her this time, to do my thing
Got Boned by some Thugs, Eazy-E introduced her to 'em
Snoop Dogg got her high with Knight, and he seduced her too
Now she down south doing her, getting it crunk
And Hot Boyz got her platinum coated in the club, getting drunk
You might say she cheated on you when she slept with Pac
Or how Young Hova got in Marcy, now she roll with the Roc
I know she even let the dog DMX, dig out her "belly"
Gave Jada a Kiss, and filled it with Eminem and Nelly
Lil' Kim got her going both ways, oh well
You know this time she lived the double life, in love with LL
She give me feelings I could never describe
Spiritual healings, she's my heavenly bride