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Artist: Sage Francis
Album:  The Known Unsoldier...Sick Of Waging War
Song:   Freestyle Confession
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Yeah, check this. Uh. Sage Francis

In an effort to salvage even the slightest percentage of what I once had
Has left me with vital organs, which much has hemorrhaged
My innards twist and turn, I'm convinced that sin is learned
Their lesson once the minutes burn, not their soul
I'm sick with concern about my operative role
Deadbeat inhabitants 
On planet Earth
Are programmed at birth to be apathetic at events
Even if athletic they're inadequate 
Turning sexually active to abstinent, mentally absent
You're not accepting of me, new accent
Different tone
Whether listening on the phone long distance or reading an interesting poem
In this instance
Hearing a song spoken out
I can fill my tub with confidence and still soak in doubt
Stick some soap in my mouth
When I speak in bubbles
It'll give me the appearance of a cartoon and weaken my troubles
Then with every step I take I'll be leavin' puddles
And though you damp, everybody drowns when I flood town
I'm being to discreet and subtle
Man, you figure this kid would be learning 
To stay away from ambiguous wording
Understand it's disturbing
Purposefully I stall
How many times can I be treated rudely during a courtesy call?
I've been left with a dial tone
Yes denied on the phone
I'm depressed, I'm alone
Time to forget writing a poem
My mind's been set, the light has been shown
I'll confess on the microphone
Now in the past year, I've done some of the worst things imaginable
Not including making songs that hopefully bring capital
I've resided in places that are practically inhabitable
And I know none of this really matters to you but I shall continue
In recent months
I don't think I've been decent once
My view of this world has been skewed, I see all priests as punks
Respect for women?
All bitches, freaks and stunts
My mental is temporal cause my physical has increased with lumps
That could be cancerous 
But I try to convince myself there's no chance of this
Since all I've been doing is paying attention to physical health
The medicine on my shelf goes untouched
Don't wanna admit, I need help
Even though I know I need help, but I can't help it
I've accepted a hard truth
Given by ma dukes
See as a kid
I always peeled off fresh scabs that left me with a scared youth
You can check my blemishes and tarnished background if you want proof