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Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Al Green *
Album:  React
Song:   Love Iz
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* all of the musical vocals in parenthesis are Al Green samples

  "People in the house" - Slick Rick (Welll...)
[E-Dub] Sermon - "aiight" (Aww yeahhh...)
  "As we proceed.."
[E-Dub] Holla at ya boy - "People in the house"
[E-Dub] Scream at me - "aiight"

[Verse One]
(Love is) - Yeah, music that you feel good
Neighborhood hood, gully
Roll through cause it's cool to boost the spirit
For the folks young and old and infants can hear it
(Love is) - Knowin the rap game is not the same
And still I came
Whoever killed 'Pac and Smalls, they're lame
Erick Sermon, learn my name
(Love is) - When I come through your spot
With no security guards, just me and the Squad, uhh
I got love, a cat got checked by a fan
Holdin me down, I got street respect
(Love is) - When true fans who don't believe in rumors
Real consumers, who love what I'm doin
That's why I.. "PROCEED!"
Superman, the E don't bleed

(Love is) - Yeah, never hatin
Everybody's out there is (people)
Yeah, why you wanna take my car, so we can be
(Walkin together)
(Love is) - Def Squad, Keith Murray
Redman, that's my (people)
Conversate with the next man, so we can be
(Talkin together)

[Erick Sermon]
(Love is) - When the planes hit
And the world got together like baseballs and mitts
New York's Finest, so I represent my home
Hold weight on this microphone
(Love is) - When I pray for my enemies
If drama cats get smoked like chimneys
I'm not dyin for a fake thug who need a hug
Not E-Dub - "I'm focused man" {Jay-Z}
(Love is) - When your man got your back
And, hold you down when no one's around, and
Bless that, and get that money
And then pass it around so nobody's hungry
(Love is) - I do what I do
When I can do it like no other to help my brother
And, I hope racism as a whole
don't walk through life, with a blindfold

(Love is) - Showin love to those
who paved the way, that's my (people)
Politic with Al Green, and now we're
(Singin together)
(Love is) - Yeah doin it for black and white
That's my (people)
Get tight altogether, so we can be
(Livin together)

[Erick Sermon]
(Love is) - Yeah, to be able to live
With a, beautiful chick and a couple of kids
Uhh, with foreign cars, a house on land
I'm blessed no doubt y'all - "Check this out"
(Love is) - When your man can't pay the bills
And you loaned him a couple of bills, uh
Now that's real, I come from the heart told ya
Erick Sermon, the underground soldier
(Love is) - Yeah, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye
And that's what I rock every day
And take what they say, and then relay
When I R-A-P for y'all to play
(Love is) - Yeah, God Almighty
The Alpha Omega, there's no one greater
Then comes your moms, your fam is second
And love is, the name of this record

(Love is) - Yeah, rockin the house
for hip-hop underground (people)
Yeah it's only one God, whatever you call him we still
(Prayin together)
(Love is) - Yeah, for all my true dawgs out there
Y'all my (people)
I'm in the house, cold lampin, and we're
(Livin together)

(Singin together.. what it is)
(Love is.. love is..)