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Artist: Erick Sermon
Album:  No Pressure
Song:   Imma Gitz Mine
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Erick Sermon]
Part one, the mastermind begins upon a quest
Gettin stupid -- shootin rhymes like arrows shot by Cupid
Ahh, you so crazy, is what somebody told me
You can't hold me, so why you actin bold G?
Come correct when you steppin dude, don't get rude
or I might blast you durin my interlude
But for real though, I'm doper than chronic
A million dollar man, but I'm not bionic
Erick Sermon, a name you know so don't front kid
E.D., rock the mic and roll the blunt, ya dig?
Goal is to get Naughty by Nature
And blow up like when girls blow up my SkyPager
Make loot by the stacks - so when I come back 
through my neighborhood, they see I'm doin good
I got my hat to the back, my hands down below
So act like you know

Chorus: Erick Sermon (repeat 2X)

Imma gitz mine, you go and get yours (3X)
Imma gitz mine, you got it!

[Erick Sermon]
Part two, show the way I flip the funk lyric
and get ghost - with the magical form of spirit
I do my thing, I don't dare front or flake
I commence to earthquake, dominate, and cremate
Abuse and use a funky form of dialect
when I mic check, I freak the ill concept like
skip to my loo my darling, I hear someone calling
Hey, Erick Sermon, yes yes y'alling
I got funk by the ounce to make you bounce
to the bus stop, and flash back to the wop
Now I got the +Vibeology+, in a funky way
Somethin Paula Abdul would say
My style Development, should be Arrested
Arrested Development, _Everyday People_
from my heritage kickin, E's on a mission
It's a black thing kid, and not the Blonde Ambition
Mackaframa, fly mack-dose
Got props from North South, East and the West coast
Like Michael Jackson boy, just _Leave Me Alone_
Cause once again it's on


[Erick Sermon]
(Worrrd) One two, as I speak upon the funk
Why is that when the ?, the people told the junk
Man, we can't have anything
Why can't we all just get along like my man Rodney King
I'm a young man, doin what I have to
Who asked you?  I'm doin what I gotta do
I'm guaranteed to have my own show, like Arsenio
if I maintain to be a desperado
Stayin wicked when I kick it through your speaker
You might think I'm a alien, but that's a corny ?
Because my ways are, "Strange -- and I like it"
and got power like a psychic
I'm +Cool Like Dat+ when I react with the rap
but if you ain't down with it then get the bozack