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Artist: Xross-Breed f/ Redman
Album:  Insomnia - An Erick Sermon Compilation
Song:   The Vibe
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"Check the rhyme y'all" "vibe" (x14)

As I perchase a twenty bag of the sticky
Keeps me buddhafied till I'm level with the Bunoflies
Take a crusie through the land of ?
For the bitch ass that act the bitch ass 
Some niggas let that shit pass but Rock is quick to kick ass
Quick fast, I keep the star by the focus lace the blunt pocus
With the dust the dead locus 
Psychotic insain anxieties 
Have noriety of animosity to insult my philosoys 
You got to be the sickest out there that underrated noyokated 
I hat it and wish niggas never played it
Xross Breed for 9-4 9-5 2 G's high 5 for the Queens live vibe

Xross Breed is in the house keep it live y'all

Ease up ease up yeah I got an appiite 
For milk bones alpo and niggas who ain't rappin' right
So before you pick up the microphone to flow
Play like Teddy Pentagrass I think you better Let It Go
Get on this higher plain with my higher brain
From the weed indeed my menntals coastin' down the firelane
I'm absolutely for the loot G, fuck a groupy trying to soup me
I'm from the Q.B., I've always been real, no bitches in the infield
It fucks the whole look up like birdshit on your windshield
So clear the way I'm freakin' rhymes in a major way
I roll with more niggas than Easter Pot Boy on Labor Day
I don't want the drama hoe 
Even you mama know my style phenominal
And I form more Ghetto Jams then Domino
It's Xross-Breed gettin' the best of ya comin' at cha
Like Patra, come test me now


Redman Outro:
To the beat y'all as we enter your eardrums
with the cosmic funk for 9-4 9-5
Pack Pistol Posse is in the motherfucker for the 94 era
causin' much terror to the brain
Look out, ha, don't do that