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Artist: Erick Sermon
Album:  Insomnia - An Erick Sermon Compilation
Song:   Reign
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This goes out to my people on lockdown
People on the streets
Uh. This Squad is Def.

Verse 1:
Check this, the Mike Tyson of rap is back
Suger Smackes I get down like Matt
Who's the Man? The black Jackie Chan gettin' physical like Aliva
Newton John, Heuvy knew and tight bring the don
Before you jump into my flow yell "Geronimo"
I be the Lee suit wearin' back in the days 
Baggin' girl like Braxton How Many Ways
I talk to 'em, I rock 'em out I blaze 'em I maze 'em 
1-2 jazz vocab I daze 'em 
Like south dummies I come with the "all you get" uppercuts
So don't get stuck
Becareful where you're steppin', sho nuff I'm ruff
I kick back like a weapon, an automatic systematic
Michael Jackson Screamin' on you and your crew for not believin'

And I come out the winner, yeah the reigning champion
All competition gets done (x2)
C'mon and lets just "get up" (x4)

Verse 2:
Somewhere yeah, over the rainbow 
Comes the dopest angel to bless my single 
Yeah I come out correct every month like the Source
Cock Deis like I'm Full Force
I bob and weave on tracks I'm Sugar Ray all day
Some say I'm the Chronic like Dre
I watch my back and look for the bloops and the blunders
I'm Supersticious ask Stevie Wonder
I get the biggest Benz that cost the biggest ends
Attract the finest skins with the flyest coated rims
Whoa I'm do it the heavy weight champ
My survey, I rock the house like it's my birthday
My styles ruger, ghetto I'm Mr. ? if ya lookin'
You'll find me and my crew in Brooklyn (word up)
I got it covered like profolatics relax kid (yeah)
With the Def Squad tactic


Verse 3:
I said is New York up in here, hell yeah
Bringin' the ruckus for you brothers comin straight from the gutters
Big up to all niggas sportin' Tommy Hilfigure
Drivin' dope whips and ain't havin' shit
Those gettin' doe from the east to the west coast
Do your thing money plus get the money
Hey Erick Sermon representin' rude bwoy come through 
Like Run DMC for you