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Artist: Duo
Album:  Insomnia - An Erick Sermon Compilation Album
Song:   On the Regular
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Yeah yeah it's T-Hype and the Born Loser from the Duo. Def Squad. Right now
New York Chi-Town 6-0-6-4-4 act like you know. 95 realize and recognize.

Big Kim:
Here comes the bad bitch on some other type stuff
Knockin' those out ruff who try to inflatrate 
Word born you might as conplitulate
I freak the funk roll the skunk when I come in
Jet black bad to the bone darker skin
To get to the point I'm the most 
My joint is regulated leavin' minds comatoast
Overdose so fuck around lay around if you wanna

And I'm smokin' fat blunts in the corner (word born word born)
Fuck around and you a gonnna

I let my mind run loose on the scribe on the regular
(yeah yeah and you don't stop) (x2)

Big Kim:
I let my mind run loose on the scribe on the regular
My school books is gone nothin' left but my pow to the death
I rock the bells and the pony tails
Keep it comin' inside the greens, strike the vasaline
Across the face slightly, those party hoes that wanna see me
Keep the interview in the room full of boom
Unlimited capasity I'm all that and then some, still wanna come?
Don't question my squads capabilities its 180 times two degrees

Big Kim talking:
Yo this is Big Kim from the Duo. Def Squad I"m about to bring out my ace
boon coon T-Man. Represent represent.

I put my mind through test when I smoke sess
Never the less I release stress with something def
So why bother trying death defying stunts I puff blunts
And fake niggas that want to front
I enter minds like a conscience or a spirit
Niggas get nausious when I receit my lyrics 
So when you hear it run to towel bowls and commodes
I dispose of foes flip them inside out like dirty clothes

Big Kim:
I test men like the broadcast system 
Gettin' pressure points when I hit them in the begining
I give niggas fits with my wits
God gifted a mastermind when I'm writting inbetween the lines

Erick Sermon Outro:
Ha , This is one more Def Squad production (yeah yeah ya don't stop)And if
you don't know you better ask somebody (yeah yeah and you don't stop)

Hook (x2)

Def Squads in the house for 95 a 1-2 1-2 (x8)