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Artist: Redman
Album:  Insomnia - an Erick Sermon compilation
Song:   Funkorama
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

We, hah!
This is Funk Doctor Spock!
As we look, at our clocks
We gonna take you, on a ship to another journey
to the Darkside
Hah, we've conquered, new evidence, that there is life

My funk prognosis make my brains comatose
One hundred percent funk runs blood straight through your nose
I don't have to be Madonna, to make your eyes freeze
Visine's for eyes when you smoke the thai weed
For this, you need a journalist scientist
Keep your eye in this, funk cosmical, far from logical
I blow the spot up in any hood or boondox
Make the bully of the block move and get new locks
Now who kicks that phenomical astronomical?  Uhh
That's my nine in you, feelin nauseous that's my rhyme in you
I swing funk like numchuks my game's death
That's cool when I blind fools like Kareem Abdul
Hot like lava's fire, sometimes I get more higher than Cheech
My funk speech make words wear sun visors
I'm gettin down with the funk in your trunk
Def Squad's in the house, with the ... for all you punks

"Coming down the block man loud as fuck
 You would swear Redman was inside the trunk" -- Q-Tip
(repeat 4X)

Ahhh, I'm just as high as three peeled up motherfuckers
Def Squad's in the house, with the ... for you suckers
Punks, y'all chumps, I blew the frame once twice
I'm dumb nice, I bring my worst lyrics to a gunfight
The top notch, nah fuck that, that notch's topped
I'm off the meter, I make computer's catch amenesia
I'm swifter than roller blades on Icecapades
I'm Fearless like Four plus I'm Kool like Aid
My grammar, slam from here to York, Alabama
I never pull my pants up, I'm nutty like Planters
My style gets Death like Row or Def like Jeff
Def like Jam or Squad, or death like Meth
One two!  Big up to my niggaz on one deuce
That cocks snaps and busts back at the boys in...
rrrrrah!  With weed for you!
Who says I can't burn shit up just like Lisa Lopez?
I'm cause the ruckus, my area is fucked up
You better off calling them Power Ranger motherfuckers
Cause Redman will bomb just like Sadaam
When I'm loose I'm worldwide like triple fat goose
Heavily armed

"Coming down the block man, loud as fuck
 You would swear Redman was inside the trunk" -- Q-Tip
(repeat 4X)