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Artist: Tommy Gunn
Album:  Insomnia - An Erick Sermon Compilation
Song:   Fear
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Verse 1:
Sunny southern Cali 
Where bitches are apart of nigga found dead in alleys
Buttnaked with the brain stain 
From the bullet bleed all a cousin creed
2 G's and a pound of weed (the bad seed)
That's my mindstate I ate cause my tape causes ear drum rapes
Rainy days wake my mind to a haze that ease the craze
I break a sack and blaze, headrush, rush by cause the weeds will be giving
you a whiff of the fifth that I'm sippin'
Straight rain now making me fowl let's bow 
I'll flow a fool like Nile and follow a fool into exile
Fear, the fowl lifer eye of the sniper 
Playin' pussy time to pay the piper
Now stay out the shadows my mind rattles 
Cause of tention bring back reminishion to my system
A prism of realism, keeping me trapped
Fat doobies to the dome yo make you death
Slapped in the face by the fear of my enemies
On a life and death mission I can soak Hennessy 
Fuck fear

Erick Sermon:
We got it coming over here y'all.
Spot locked down y'all uh (x2)

Tommy Gunn:
Fear, fear got you paniced
You're fearin' fear but I'm takin' fear for granted (x2)

Verse 2:
Upstate, devil hated, virgin breakage
They played up cool with that mule and the 40 acres
They'll never take us again my minds equiped 
While Cali got me trippin' on some Nino Brown type shit
Coco rocks and weed spots balck techs and glocks
C-no lots able me to take herb hits like an oc, paradoxs 
I murder tight rhymes cause of the rhythm bends in my brain
Bionical vision, I beat down basslines cause sometimes
I got shit danceing in my down about hardtimes
I bards mine with the 9 nino ross, run a wrong get tossed
That's the cost, kids lost, catcht up my styles maturing 
His ego movin' poisonous paragraphs seem to be alluring
Straight Hen no chaser brain eraser
By the time you catch the next chorus I hope my lyrics mase ya


Verse 3:
Much props, like Michael Jordon hops, giving zero ops
On the mics I gots, dommme shots, my shit rocks
And it's so fuckin' demented it rots when niggas jock
Ringin' the other rhymer knot like pinchin' pot
Issueing the enemy staright mops


I know a gang of jeal niggas and enemys
So to ease my mind I sip straight hennessy (x2)

To all my niggas in Los Angeles "Rock rock on" - Redman
Blaze on. To Big Ledge and Low. Blaze on.