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Artist: The Wixtons
Album:  Insomnia - An Erick Sermon Compilation
Song:   Up Jump The Boogie
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It's the Diamonds baby
"Everybody move ya body" (x8) - Notorious B.I.G.

Jah Boogie:
Here comes the Jah changin' faces spoiled rotten
A.k.a. pillow soft like cotton (what you mean?)
Honies on me I'm milk D, hardcore from the P
Bring it like DJ's (what's your sign?) Capricorn
Word is born, I flex, I get up in that ass like a thong
When you free Rick free me too
A wild then a mug another bastard from the zoo
I be the black pepper hot stepper, dumbies
I up jump the boogie to the uggies taste the honies
Cause I got the moneys, cash in my stash (what?)
I'm Suga Shaft (oh no) you gots to laugh
Cause I'm doin' it I'm big willy Wixton I'm whippin'
The GS 300 shittiin', my jams hitten
Power like Kerby Pucket, fuck it, sit back relax and make a ducket
Baby doll

"Everybody move ya body"   
Up jump the boogie (x4)

Erick Sermon:
Suga Diamonds represent

Suga Diamond:
Oh no, it's the Suga Diamonds in your house boo
You know how I do with the check a 1-2
Na-uh your not hot so get with it
Flaminated flavors just like the mystics
I'm kickin' Sugalistics jibbies bounce your booties
No creatures in my features only sportin' cuties (now get 'em)
I hit 'em with the super Suga rhythm, Grace Jones they ass
Show 'em no class, I might studder like Balky the brother
Brims claimin' greason like Almro to rubber
In my tre duece pound like Craig I'm Gettin' Down (get down)
Yo didn't know? I'm Sweet & Low
Ain't no limpin' in my pimpin' double green got my back fool
(We can keep if freaky) cause I'm so cool it's sick
I predict my jam to be a big hit 
All city international. Hot thick

Hook (x4)

Erick Sermon talking:
Def Squad bring it right everytime so, don't stop. Uh Jah-Boogie Suga
Diamnds wild like that y'all. Whoa, heeey this is how we do so y'all just,
yeah and you don't quit. Comin' correct all city catchin' wreck so...

Up jumps the boogie, it's the big Jah and I love nuggie
Real cool plus I'm one tough cookie, by far
Ghetto celeb superstar (naw mean) I keeps it real baby paw

Suga Diamond:
Baby boo move your back side bounce like it counts 
Up and down side to side every once
Your lower bottom got 'em from the shakin' that your makin' (makin') Suga
hot bakin'

Hook (x4)