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Artist: Jamal and Calif
Album:  Insomnia - An Erick Sermon Compilation
Song:   Beez Like That (Sometimes)  
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Ya see all these niggas wanna test my steez
I cock and squeeze on all phoney MC's
I still maintain and keep my eyes on the prize
Got to get the cream nigga better recognize (tell 'em why)
It's 95 and I gotta get mine (yeah) 
Lampin' with the crew on the block I keep the nine (what?)
For all the jealous motherfuckers tryin' to bring the ruckus
Bust this, style and you know I stay dusted (what?)
Off the purple rain of pain insane 
Niggas wanna see Jamal and then I Bring The Pain
Like Method, niggas second guessin' if they steppin'
I let them motherfuckers know where the weapons kept in 
(it's in the back) My nigga Erotic got it rollin' on the scene
Seen that punk ass nigga and I shot at him (what?)
He was lampin' of the block 
And niggas didn't see Jamal had the glock (what?)
It had the scope plus the infared beam mind full of schemes
Cause a motherfucker fried to get me for my cream (true dat)
It don't matter cause I roll like that 
Droppin' motherfuckers who be steppin' to the mass
The weapon the keep it cocked 
And niggas couldn't see Jamal they know I wreck shop
And everytime I rhyme my lines be bomb
Way beyond yours just to make it primetime

Cause I got my niggas and we got guns, it beez like that
We always stay strapped (x2)

Yo I get Brave like Atlanta, stickin' niggas like Deon Sanders
When I pack guns like Bonanza, Runnin' Rebel like Nevada
Fuck them whores, lampin' on the O sees sticks and drug war
Maxin' like Maxima, different styles like spatulas
Calif goes on cruise like perellies on Acuras
Nigga know who I am with them phat raps
Wreckin' ghettos and turnin' bitches out like crack
So fire it up and watch me get hot like two glocks cocked
Shit get down like two cops bang bang like two shots
WHUT UP how you want it? Lyrically your gutted
True to what I do my style is underground like subways (yeah)
Hey, who I be Raw Lif the chief rocka
The shit take ya straight to the streets of the east (word the fuck up
Word is bron, fuck peace 
Fuck with Def Squad niggas be deceased, cut it short 
(Cut the shit off)