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Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Fish Grease, Kapone, Twon Gabz
Album:  Breath of Fresh Air
Song:   Whiskey and Coke
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[Intro: Erick Sermon]
Number number number number niiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee!!!!
Erick Sermon! Twon Gabz! New Def Squad!

[Verse One: Erick Sermon]
Uh! Yeah! Globe-trottin, got money to travel
I'm wine sippin, i the valley of Napal
I'm gettin money you puttin in raffles
You can't dig up with that shit, you assholes
My dough stack high like flagpoles (HUH!)
This gun shoot you then I grab soul (Gimme it!)
The reaper, model styles
A headband, blue jeans, zip up and sneakers
Who got the nerve to blast on me?!
All that singin I'm hearin, y'all belong on Glee (UH HUH!)
These broads are hangin around me like bird around tree
E! I got that roster, ask Diddy (UH!)
I got that Formula, ask 50 (Yep!)
Me and Twon terrorizin the city (HUH!)
Up in the spot with these big butts and TITTIES!!!!!!!

[Verse Two: Twon Gabz]
I live a vida loca, spit on ya
Middle finger ocho then arriba docha 
It's over, bag more chicks then Dolce & Gabbana did
Rap's ate more niggas then Jeffrey Dahmer did
Cookin fam on your face like Benny Honda did
So I got more haters then Osama did
I took more shots then 'Pac and 50 did
That's truth homey, I got proof homey
I took a hundred rounds of Grey Goose homey
Huh! You ain't a real rapper you a spoof homey
I'm gourmet you Ramen Noodle food
A drunk slur to your girl you Beau-tiful
I feel good this evenin
See what that God blessed me to be breat-hin
And that's a good enough reason
Good mo'nin, me and my eggs both cheesin

[Verse Three: Fish Grease] (*Erick Sermon)
Uh! Fish Grease yep! I'm the shit!
Prosthetic leg but the strut ain't switched!
Hated in the hood, but loved by your bitch
I would come out and play but she's all on my dick (WOO!)
Like Taylor Allison, I'm Swift
Hit them off everytime, never miss
Like Jordan from the line, every rhyme's a swish
Styles upon styles I can sit and pick
Like this one's for that and that one's for this
(Uh!) Switch 'em up with their outfits like kicks
(Yeah!) Def Squad raised me, y'all can't phase me (Uh!)
Fuck you, pay me, test tube baby! (LET'S GO!)
I bet it all, we bet it in the mall
'Cause, rappers today is wack (*And I'll say it!)
But like Chuck D I don't believe that hype
I bet you, run for your life in a pillow fight (*HEYYYYYY!!!!!!)

[Verse Four: Kapone]
Hi my name is Kapone and I'm an alcoholic
I blacked out for awhile but I really can't call it
Your boy been nice since Jordan's since rolled
Drinkin shots of Tequila with the Vodka Alimoe
Lil' purp, lil' vic, lil' haze pocket right
Red eye flight, with the red eye sight
Baby drinkin Reesemen's, Remy Martin martini's
Drink Bacardi Lemon, I think I hear Biggie speakin
I make your mouthpiece obese, and guns squeeze
Come up off the cheese more Jack Daniel's please
Like Red Foxx to Grady dummy you talkin out of line
I know I gotta be drunk, 'cause Aun't Ester lookin fine
I'm drinkin Louis 15th or Louis Chaundon
In my Louis Vuitton, yo baby get it on!
Words stay slurred off the icky and herb
This is Def Squad baby were the bottom on the curb

[Outro: Erick Sermon]
Whiskey and Coca-Cola, Vodka and Lemonade
It's just the music baby, that make me feels this way
Whiskey and Coca-Cola, Vodka and Lemonade
It's just the music baby, that make me feels this way