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Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Lockness Monster
Album:  Breath of Fresh Air
Song:   Typical Nigga
Typed by:

[Verse One: Lockness Monster]
They like Lockness Monster man who that nigga?!
I'm the hot sixteen spittin new ass nigga
Hundred percent hip hop and i'm the truth ass nigga
And I go harder in the booth better than you ass nigga
Rap game fucked up a bunch of coon ass niggas
Dunkin Penderhughes I wanna be cool ass niggas
Tried to rhyme most days fam I boo at niggas
Then George Bush a motherfucker throw my shoe at niggas
Sick of these lames I ain't got nothin to do ass niggas
What's up dog? Awww man ain't nothin new ass niggas
Dirty Timberland wahsed up dirty durag niggas
Strawberry Shortcake bunch of food ass niggas
Awww man can I do a song with you ass niggas?
Naw fam go find somethin else to do ass nigga
You old Wesley Snipes To Wong Foo ass nigga
Fake gangsta talkin 'bout who you 'gon shoot at nigga
You ain't built like that fam we knew that nigga
You Shaquille O'Neal can't shoot ass nigga
I just started rappin straight up out the blue ass nigga
And started a record label in the crew ass nigga
Dumb ass retarded I ain't got a clue ass nigga
Awww fam you talkin to me? YEAH YOU ASS NIGGA!
Sweet honey y'all, Winnie The Pooh ass niggas
Floatin up shit's creek in the canoe ass nigga
Pork sausage eatin old swine flu ass niggas
Copycat monkey see, monkey do ass niggas
Bitin styles like I want to do it too ass niggas
And I want to do it just like you ass niggas
Always talkin 'bout your beef tofu ass niggas
Quick to fall for a chick Pepe Lepeu ass niggas
You a Facebook gangsta Youtube ass nigga
It ain't my fault you can't emcee that's too bad nigga

[Outro: Lockness Monster]
This sound like some mu'fuckin...ten o'clock, Nick At Nite
Mu'fuckin Mash type shit, buy the blunt, then bottle of Hennessy
Get a ex pill that's if you pop ex I don't fuck with that shit
Get you some diezel or lemonade, you know what I'm sayin?!
Fuckin watchin, I Love Lucy and shit!
Niggas thinkin that I talk about some soft shit on this shit
But just had to, go in on you niggas real quick
In this bitch with Joe Blow and E-Low
Mu'fuckin studio god dammit! It's Lockness Monster mu'fucker!!!
Chicago southside!!! You go to sleep to this shit 
You know what I'm sayin it's that mellow shit, don't crash your whip mu'fucker!
Blind ass nigga you smoke too much nigga...HA HA HA HA!!!
YEAH! I'm out of this mu'fucker man!!! Nice and easy!!!