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Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Twon Gabz
Album:  Breath of Fresh Air
Song:   Twon's Theme
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[Intro: Twon Gabz]
Yo! It's Twon G! A bully on the loose! And that's me!
And y'all too, Dinero, D-Money whattup?!
Huh Huh! Look!

[Verse One: Twon Gabz]
I know a killa and he ain't one
I'll let reality show him, VH1
H1N1 sick I inflict pain
Like board of health injections in dicks
No homo, I'm well known no promo
Pretty boy kill the act, Boris Kodjoe
Huh! Let it knock door to door flow
Bully shit with a twist like cornrolls
With a kiss with a hiss, cobras
Niggas slide me in the middle like okra
Your flow fluffed like a pillow on a sofa
I'm heated for bread I'm the middle of the toaster
The negativity and doubt that you ran about
Huh! I cook in God's kitchen he panned it out
Knock him out man it's out from my hand to mouth
In the crowd y'all stand I'm standin out
Huh! I'm so numb like like a sore thumb
And what you sayin is borin nigga ho hum
Please! Kill it already
I'm like a mean vicodin fill it already
And what you talkin 'bout Willis still it's all 'fetti
Turn your lights out nigga Pendergrass Teddy
Foot in your ass heavy, like enimas
Then I'm a, video your ass like cinemas
Huh! I eat a lemon piss lemonade
And when you stayed prayed up you a renegade
Haters let you play your heart hit you with the spade
You talk tough to a lion 'til you in it's cage
Now the curtains shut, you wanna work it out
With rednecks you worked them up, but pay the price now
And y'all runnin around three blind mice style
Well rhyme right now three blind mice style
I might spit a concept or I might style
This is real rap not a rap lifestyle
I'm like wow life's foul, one day your here
The next you disappear David Blaine Show
In the hood it's the same ol' same ol'
Fights pressure build the blocks and volcano
Huh! Mortal Kombat, Caino
I done killed this bitch, Jane Doe!