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Artist: Erick Sermon
Album:  Double or Nothing
Song:   In the Heat
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Who walks the street with no reaction?
It's the dude

[Verse 1]
The doorbell rings, it's my man, Ooh Wop, hyped
About something that happened last night (yo what's up?)
Yo, I'm the mix at the tunnel at the bar
Playing big bully with the other superstars
I might stout, ray bans, I got them going, dummies
I got the Moe laid back, low key
Now next to me, yo, I hear a bitch speaking
I hear her say your name, so I start tweaking
I'm eavesdropping, plus I got my head bopping
I'm on point, cause I be getting in with the joint
I hear this nigga talking, "I know that big black motherfucker
He know me too, he's a sucker, bitch"
I glanced over to see his grill (oh no)
I recognized him plus his ho
I chilled, checked my watch, it's 3:15, the club is almost over
Without the keys to the Range Rover
Tapped my man upon his shoulder
I said "yo, we splittin", he saw I wan't bullshitting

In the heat of the moment
Things get hot

[Verse 2]
Club's letting out soon, I see them coming
Him and his girl dolo, I move up slow
They walk towards a black Yucon, alarm hits on[??]
Before he gets in, I'm up by his chin
I asked him a question, "you know my man E?"
"Hell, who the fuck are you?", I smacked him with the 32
Just because he raised his tone, to impress the girl
I rocked his fucking world
As I'm looking, I remember you had beef a long time ago
In Georgia, at the club Soho
I left a message, "next time I'm pistol whipping you
And stripping you, to the ground butt naked"
Hit the deck and feel the blast of the uop invasion
Coming from the scorching hot desert
I'm blazing, grazing, so amazing, flaming
Clowns get vamped from the Hell I'm raising
Torment and torture, the enforcer
I'll extort you, claim that ass, your mine, I just bought you

Cha-Ching! That will be $12.50, thank you...