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Artist: Erick Sermon
Album:  Chilltown, New York
Song:   Relentless
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[Phone ringing, recording indistinct]

[Erick Sermon]
Yeah, all day yeah, uh
Turn me up,'s serious
Headphones turn me up
{Recordings indistinct)

This is somethin that you need to hear
It's cool and capture
I feel like Blondie caught in the rapture
Rappers and those who try to offend me
From false accusations they had heard from Wendy (Hello Erick)
I'm in the game to play
For those cats on the sideline callin me gay, huntin
Don't be the broads cause niggaz
Mad cause I'm baggin chicks that look as bad as Jigga's (tell 'em)
And make seven figures, a rap icon
I'm the one kid in the biz to keep your eyes on
Me, Superman, I fell from the window
If I fly high, then why drive a benzo
In drive a 'lac, in drive a hummer
In drive is something brand-new this summer (tell 'em)
The operator, I got your number
Don't act like I don't flow like water, call the plumber (uh-huh)
Something tryna stop the E from gettin large
I feel like the Beastie Boys in Sabotage
In all five boroughs, I pissed on trees
I'm a dog (arroo), ask Rockwilder please
There's some fake cats, they talk behind me
A few A&R's sayin they won't sign me (uh-huh)
Cause they see my face and think I'm done
Meanwhile, I'm the black Neo, yes the one (one)
While they sign they brother or friend or they man
That's supposed to blow, he's a no-show
And that's why the game is shutdown
Every major player that's in it, been changed around (tell 'em)
But I'm still standin and got something to say
The boy is still here like LL and Dre
I sat down with Russell and Def Jam team
I sat down with Suge and Jimmy Ivine
I sat down with Sylvia, sat down with Tommy
Sat down with Clive Davis and no favors
I got booked at dark
And this might be my last huh-rah
I'ma rock now until tomorrow
Some ask about EPMD's prognosis
But it won't happen til P get focused
I won't be compared to Nas or Jada
But I'ma punish the game for it's foul behavior
And y'all got it backwards
Those ain't real MC's, those is actors
Cast of Fear Factor (tell 'em)
I agree with Missy
No creativity in the game no more
It's the same old bore
A few people in the biz know what's happenin
The fans don't know, they think I'm platinum
Cause they hear the record gettin played 4,000 times on every station
But at the same time hate...disc jockeys
If I'm over, explain how I do it
In 2001 I shut it down with "Music" (hmmm)
If I'm whack, why in 2002, yes it's true, I made cats react (uh-huh)
Source might not quote this here
It might not be nothin but I wrote this here
Like Eminem said, you wanna be Erick Sermon (that's the truth)
But you a generic version (let's go)
Aight y'all, enough talk
Welcome to Chilltown, New York