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Artist: Sen Dog
Album:  Diary of a Mad Dog
Song:   Stand Up
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Stand up!
You know what's up!
Can't nobody fuck with that Latin Don

[Sen Dog]
I used to be a vato from the street
Had a lot of hunger, loved to compete
Want the whole world to know about my barrio
All the way to Cuba, Mexico and Cairo
They would know my name like they would know my cliqua
Got some game, que toda via, rrripa
Things have changed, now I'm a grande
Got two blammas livin with me at the chante
Game just ain't like it used to be
I can't find no vato I used to call me
So I go home enciento empienso
Don't let your mind play those pinchy juegos
Shake it off boss, show 'em you got huevos
No dejas nada chinga tu nuevos
Rife on my hip for my heina, my ninos
All my car knowledge they get my carino
Remember dog that, you can do all
Just believe in yo'self and have faith in God
Anybody don't like it can FUCK 'EM ALL
Caveza barriba I'm walkin tall

All the raza in the house stand up
Show that you're proud and you don't give a fuck
Let me see show that you got love for yo' gente
Somos muchos intelligente
When we unite, no one can harm us
Get in our way or try to stop us
Don't front ese, you know whassup
Can't nobody fuck with them latin thugs

[Sen Dog]
Now, you're gonna have those pinchy tiempos
When all you need is food or silencio
Time for yourself to smoke calleno
Whatever it takes to make you contento
Relax with the fam and take some vacaciones
Don't deal with this or the pinchy horday
What seperates the men from the ninos
is a big failure or a fly Benzino
I've had all of that, yo se lo que te digo
Gotta be there in the long run for my hijos
Look out for the youngsters and kick down glecha
Make sure they know all about the iglesia
Teach 'em your knowledge and help our sensia
Then we're gonna see a big differencia
Don't get trigger happy, you big maton
Cause it'll come back down on your own canton
Look out and have love for your gente
So we can move from the ride in the frente
Don't be hardheaded, yo sucker tu entiende
The mission put down by the big vato Senne