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Artist: Sen Dog
Album:  Diary of a Mad Dog
Song:   Hell and Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Been through hell and back, back
Never lookin back, black
Dippin in a black, black
Never been a whack rap
Squeezin on my gat gat
Fallin for no trap trap
When it's goin down you know
that thing sound like clack clack

[Sen Dog]
View what I said with a microscope
These here lyrics that I wrote
Light that bomb 'dro, take a toke
Certified black this ain't no joke
It's that Dog in your atmosphere
No damn way to get me out here
Rockin the masters a gang of years
Takin shit up to a higher gear
Ain't gonna come at y'all with the same
Shit's my soul if it bears my name
On the real, I'm like a Mustang
After years I still remain
Changin up what's on the street
Keep pushin niggaz gotta eat
Business man that's what I be
Too damn deep in the industry


[Sen Dog]
Fuck a major label record deal
Them motherfuckers just be unreal
Slave to the rhythm that's how it feel
Whole damn system I wanna kill
Just so you know I don't give a fuck
Learn all you can so you know whassup
Take some chances, try yo' luck
Might fuck around and make a buck
Represent when you on the set
I me fuckin demolish it
Let them know you rock with the best
This nigga's headed for success
It's all good if you got that dream
I had it too when I was a teen
Makin that big time on the scene
Cream and respect y'all know what I mean


[Sen Dog]
I do rap symposiums
Tie two niggaz to my podium
Low in salt and sodium
Y'all don't know me so don't blow me up
Take shit back to code of the streets
Real dogs bark and talk is cheap
Earn some stripes and be a G
Get big bank and properties
Never know what the next man got
Any fool might make it hot
All it takes is one good shot
Then wait for the aftershock
For a closing I got to say
Real with this I don't fucking play
Stay the hell up outta my way
Back my shit up every single day

[Chorus] - 4X