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Artist: Sean Born
Album:  Behind the Scale
Song:   Go Hard
Typed by: @BackroadBorn @MelloMusicGroup

Go hard
Facin sumpin evil, got a closet full of mason jars filled wit diesel
I'm all about the people 
leavin the perico in the 90's wit the RICO 
cuz my lil niggas tell me that it's pullin in the equal
Nigga you don't want mine, I been on the frontline
Hotter than the sunshine, duckin from the onetime/yeah...
While you was workin on your punchlines, my whole squad we out side we go hard
They past crazy got anything to prove, they real dumb, shoot anything that move
Bring the heat out, pussy queef your teeth out
You won't do shot cept lay on the ground and bleed out
Bitch I'm a problem, dare a nigga to solve him
I will semi/sawed off or revolve them
And We got plenty of anything you involved in
But ima ghost, got lil niggas so call them

It's born baby I'm back, back on that real shit, I'm back g'in a pack trappin is real sick
I'm back baby I'm back, back on that ill shit/y'all rap niggas is wack, rappin that bullshit

Nigga youse a bitch if you brag how you handle folks
U can get your head, opened up like an envelope
Nigga this the jungle/prey on weak like they antelope
Halfa 1/4 of chem, get you more than a gram of coke
cousins did ten in the pen, now they coming home
To a different city, different life than they used to know 
The 90's is dead, who knows what the future holds
was it all for not/depends on how the future goes 
I been at the bottom so long that the view is skewed
prolly just the glass in the ceiling we viewin thru..
This deez got me leanin to the side, like I'm leanin in the ride
Got crack under my nails, son, I'm feenin to survive
I'm back bitch , I'm back on this real shit
Live amongst the young wild niggas who kill shit
I told you that We keep it low, and we know nufin but indo
Mad cuz me and b blow chem in the benzo