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Artist: Sean Born f/ Hassaan Mackey
Album:  Behind the Scale
Song:   Bullshit
Typed by: @BackroadBorn @MelloMusicGroup

Niggas talkin big/But they always on bullshit...
Wouldn't clap a round/niggas empty a fullclip
Play the background, while I'm smokin on good shit
I been all around, niggas always on bullshit

My cousin Nick in Europe tryna be a doctor
While I'm stuck here doin dumb shit..
Ridin round with the gauge in my lap
Quarter Ki and a quarter P of the sour D
And that super sour haze in the back
I ain't got the patience for rap
I ain't got the patience for rap niggas
Iont really wanna slap niggas, iont really wanna clap niggas
iont really wanna call them trap niggas to bring the plastic to wrap niggas
Fat niggas ain't tryna b hungry again so
You fuck me, we comin after your kinfolk
Been broke bitch, pen stroke rich
Four-fifth make the floor flip, make a nigga core drip
I ain't for that court shit, I got problems nigga iont need your shit
it's always more shit...
niggas is fuckin wit your money or them whores on that whore shit..