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Artist: Sean Garrett f/ Drake, J. Cole
Album:  The Inkwell (Mixtape)
Song:   Feel Love
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Sean Garrett]
Junior high played them
High school played them
College well, you know... played them
Me and my friends use to laugh about it, how we fade 'em
Now cupid is aiming his arrow right there at me
No more nonchalence can I be, with you here starring at me
With the most beautiful eyes that a nigga ever seen
You pull an emotional vibe from my soul, look at me
You got my heart beating like my back is filled with batteries.

For the first time I'm in love,
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody (what I'm feeling)
For the first time I feel love
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody the feel...

Drizzy... Drake.

All them men before me did shit I would never do
And I know you got your guards up, but they should let him through
Just keep fightin' for our lovin' baby, I'll defend it too
And if they try and tell me time is money I'd spend it with you
I spend it all
I spend it all
I charge forever, to my card
And pay it off, no interest lost
I be right here, and like your favorite wine girl,
I'm worth trying, but take it easy on me
Cause this my first time


[Sean Garrett]
Now baby, baaaby
You doin' things with my heart ain't never felt, it's so crazy
[? ] if you gonna let it change me, I was so mistaken
Your love like a billy coupe, took me out of a Mercedes
Now baby, baaby
For so long I miss somebody
my heart just couldn’t played with it
I went from not wanting a girlfriend to needing ya lady
I didn't think I'd ever see
me callin to you, you voice before I go to sleep

[Chorus: repeated]

[Sean Garrett]
I ain't never looked into a woman's eye worth of fire
Bet I'm feelin while you holdin' me begging to take you higher
For so long I wasn't faded, I couldn't admitted before
But now I see what life's about, and I'm never goin' let you go
Girl I'm growin' (don't wanna be selfish, I wanna be more accountable)
I see us growing (no, no one don’t wanna miss out on a feeling I ain’t never had before)
I got to tell the world, somebody gotta know
What you'da done to me, I gotta let'em know

[Chorus: repeated]

[Sean Garrett]
Two hearts, I use to say
Might make a great movie to watch on a late night
But for me it ain't the way
But baby thanks to you (I changed)

[J. Cole]
I'd swore I'd never fall
but I fell, run and tell
all my old bitches
erase none of my old photos
baby girl a part of me but
don't text stop calling me
I aint your nigga, don't bother me
fuck your twitter, don't follow me
my new girl too thorough
but believe it or not she's all I need
thought I was a player R.I.P
down goes Frazier call Ali
lets hit the mall and its all on me
cuz girl you deserve it
if I take this chance and make these plans
I gotta know girl is you worth it perfect