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Artist: Struggle Da Preacher f/ St.Rap, Yukmouth
Album:  Big Goals (S)
Song:   Big Goals
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Hey yo! Right
Struggle da Preacher, Yukmouth

[Verse 1: Struggle da Preacher]
I am ready for big goals, expose my music
Yukmouth, big bro. No doubt I got it
Motherfuckers you know who's coming
And when you ready for whatever to be better than anyone else in this game
All you get is pain in your ass, im the stress
I'm a killer, here is Godzilla
I am white, Russian born
I'm exploding like a nuclear bomb
Everybody on the block gonna know your name
But they talk about me all across the planet
I'm already known in London
Washington, every small town
I'ma bringing it back the real sound
Struggle da Preacher, uh, and Yukmouth

[Chorus: Struggle da Preacher]
What you gonna fight for?
If the game is dead, they don't wanna hear you
But you gotta fight for
You gotta fight for your name, fight until you kill them

[Verse 2: Yukmouth]
What it do nigga?
Stuggle da Preacher, what's happenin' boy?
Yuk! Look! 'Zilla
Catch me rockin with the chop-suey
I get skewy with the K, hundred shot through him (brrreeh!)
Let my shooters run the block through him
Put that Ruger in his mouth, let it talk to him (bang)
Dragon gang in this thang, bitch
Slide up on your range, knock'em down with the stainless
Leave'em brainless, fuckin with the world's most dangerous
Yuk and preacher, foreign exchanges
The AK-Russian, the 44 German (oooh weee!)
Italian leather, the rug's all Persian (fuck boy!)
Sellin birds, I gotta urge for splurging
Come show with my dough, that nigga gon need a surgeon
Fo sure, nigga, no debate
I got hoes to break, hella dough to make
I can see why you soldiers hate
Fuck around and get smoked
Cuz I'm a warrior, like Golden State


[Verse 3: St.Rap] *raps in Russian*
Это не мы свои силы кидали на то, чтобы нас знали
Хавали нашу куплеты, чтобы строполили газеты
Мы карты не из той колоды. Молоды те вороны
что не подтянули штаны. Снимите ваши короны
Вараны жареной музыки здесь. Пока силы есть
Будем отстаивать честь, чтобы на жопу не сесть
В этом наша прелесть, пока бит рвет динамики
Старики у микрофона - эта зона занята
Я из Тюменского отряда. Вышел из общего стада
Большего мне не надо. Сибирского холода голос
Сразу по коже мороз, минус тридцать
Мы разгоняем колесницу, не надо щщуриться
Все те же лица. Мы разгромили все границы
Улицы, ловите новый трек
SDP, Yukmouth и St.Rap