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Artist: Scram Jones
Album:  40 Bar Flashback 12"
Song:   40 Bar Flashback
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I'm, I'm on the Twitter come follow me
On the shit thinkin I'm the best MC
This the shit that get me on the MPC
Tell you what I was doin back in ninety three
[Verse One]
Used to clean my Reebox pumps with my toothbrush
Then cop a single or a cassette for just two bucks
Got my turntables right before the whole Wu struck
Used to cut class come home to learn my new cuts
Didn't have a fade somethin more like a crew cut
Nobody had haze even dirt would cost me too much
Wasn't gettin paid so I stay with my boots scuffed
But never got played 'cause my tape I ordered new stuff (I got that new shit!)
The set I cued up, had the Mac to boot up
Gemini sampler so what the beats I looped up
Nobody knew what, they thought I be a screw up
Love the place I grew up then came back with my loot UH!!!!
Went through the hood like a mechanic givin tune-ups
My screw up in the woods have me pumpin kegs with blue cups
Tryin to get ahead still I wind up stuck in two cuffs
The cops said you got balls but we got the two nuts
Wild cat in the back of the black school bus
Bumpin Black Moon, my whole class thought that I knew Buck
Just a new buck, a new rock, tryna get new bread
Spend the last dollar on a rock is so bootleg (My Rubens!)
Tryna get my hands on Kid Capri needles
My first twelve send me chicks, the root of all evil (not money!)
Hip-hop was in my jeans before I knew about a Diesel
When a artist was a artist and knew how to use the easel (Paintin pictures)
Now they scared of riskin, pull a quick Evel Knievel
So I pull 'em a lethal version of POP goes the Weasel!
'Cause of they sick, oh boy, I'm straight measles
Been doin this since Dave went Phil killed that Siegel
Haaaah, and yeah that's a old school reference (old school)
But shit I gotta it back to the essence (Gotta bring it back)
Before Slick Rick caught his first sentence
We thought 2000 we'll be livin like the Jetsons
Before Biggie even got with Supercat
Dudes were on the dance floor fallin back like Scoob and Scrap
When Bell Biv DeVoe went and sampled Kool G. Rap
I was in the room with Brand Nu' givin Puba dap
Stay where the music at, before I heard a Luda rap
Befrore we call the music crack, we called it weed and buddha sack
Was +Cool Like Dat+ before I could produce a track
Ten years in the game and they like Scram Jones (...who is that?!!)