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Artist: ScHoolboy Q
Album:  Oxymoron
Song:   Gangsta
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey, turn it up, Hey
I know none of y'all probably never Heard this shit
I play to y'all anyway, fuck it!

[Chorus: ScHoolboy Q]
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
We, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, G
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, groove
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
I'm gangsta, gangsta, gangsta G
They want that gangsta shit!
Knock knock knock yawk (yawk yawk yawk) Gangsta shit! [x3]

[Verse: ScHoolboy Q]
What it do young nigga's
What it do young bitch's
I got my drink in my cup
I got my backwoods no swisher's
And bitch I'm faded (Faded), fucking faded (Faded)
Yea I'm famous, what I'm famous, fucking famous
Nigga I made it!
When I was broke I got me that nine
With my nine I hit me that lick
And then with that lick, it came with that yola
With that yola it came with your bitch
And see now your bitch she gon' work on that corner
I don't care if that ho get ammonia
Racks and you won't get a quarter
She don't run game, I'm the only controller
So wassup now? straight pimpin' over here
Put that shit on burst, nigga
I be checking ass all on the curb nigga
You could smell that she fucking with a Figg nigga
What it is, nigga!
Perrier Jouet Rosé, I might relocate
Out of my mind, this world, I'm hot got damn it I'm fly (Yay Yay)
My grandma showed me my first strap
My nigga Rat-Tone always had the fliest gats
I finally got mine (yawk yawk) dirt now (Aye)
Real nigga's don't die homeboy, we multiply (Shit)
Come around my town you clown, that's suicide

[Chorus: ScHoolboy Q]