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Artist: ScHoolboy Q
Album:  Habits & Contradictions
Song:   Sacrilegious
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[ScHoolboy Q]
Gloomy on sunny days; shadows no house or trees
Prayers not close to me as I bow down and take a knee
Hell goes far as the eye can see, hoodies and weaponry
Naive to bein free, locked up we chasin ki's/keys
Higher eyes investigate us, while we look up to entertainers
Ball players, pistol bangers, big brothers, uncles uncles
Betrayed by a lot of homies, all my friendships stay on shuffle
Huddles steady find a plan, spread evil beyond the land
As I clench down upon this trigger, it burn fucker burn
Every step take gettin deeper, survival my main concern
Marinatin in Satan's sweat, take a sip of this holy water
Hopin God still keep me blessed, with a dark shield for my armor

[Chorus - mostly random sounds over Q going "whoa-ohhh"]
Need him in my life
Put him in my life
Bring him in my life

[ScHoolboy Q]
Promises man I promised, none of them goes accomplished
Promises man I promised, to be loyal and honest
Promises man I promised, lied on separate occasions
Promises man I promised, my promises is aging
Hennessy what my system like, feeling like +Superman+
I might +Kryptonite+/crip-tonight; I bring loss to life
A gruesome site - look who done got involved~!
It's no different from wars, it's kill or be called upon
Feelin teary eyed, thinkin I've gone too far
Ask God for forgiveness, shit I doubt he heard me at all
They say clean yo' hands before you eat, rinse yo' sins with pray
But I've done did some things I don't think I can ever wash away

[Chorus] + [a dub Chorus version to the end]