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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ Cardo, Lil Baby
Album:  CrasH Talk
Song:   Water
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: Cardo]
Yeah, I got that water, yeah I got that water (that H2O)
I got that water, yeah I got that water
I got that water, yeah I got the water
I got that water, yeah I got that water

[ScHoolboy Q]
The engine too fast, a nigga could never be late (ayy, ooh)
Gun in my pants, the eagle gon' sound like the bass (ayy, uh)
Don't fuck with the badge, you see what I did to his face (ayy, blrrt!)
Just keepin' it real, if it's realer than me then it's fake (ayy)
Fishtailin' down the block
Gang tats is all I got, fly Crippin' never stop
Woo! Uh, lovin' you more, lovin' you less, I'm ballin' (ballin')
I'm droppin' the top, no need for the tint, I'm extra
Uhh, this ain't for the fame, uh
Lil' bitch, what you think? Ayy (woo) I'm covered in gang, ayy
I run with the gang (run with the gang) I do what you can't (I do what you can't)
My money a tank (ice ice) I might build a bank, woop (woop)

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

[Lil Baby]
... I got that water, no rain drop
Hit her one time now her name poppin'
Plead the fifth on the bitch, don't do name droppin'
Came through drippin' on them, Gucci tube socks
I'm so geeked up I think that I'm ScHoolboy
Made some racks off a show, bought some new water
How the fuck did this baddie get 'cross the border?
Got a green card on her to-do list
If he work, I'ma make him my new bitch
I'm out West with the gang on that blue shit
They just talk like they tough, they don't do shit
When that white hit my hand, I'ma move it
Sold a hundred this week just to prove it
Poppin' pills every night, makin' movies
I be wet like I jumped in a fuckin' jacuzzi
Blue hundreds stacked taller than Uzi
Young hitter got your vibin' here, choosin'
Tell these fuckin' niggas they ain't cool
Half of this thing'll send you to the moon
You can just hit me when you with your dude
Whenever you see me, I be with them goons
We ain't gon' fix 'em but we got 'em tools
I keep that water on me like a pool, yeah

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs