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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ 21 Savage
Album:  CrasH Talk
Song:   Floating
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: ScHoolboy Q]
Fall in this bitch, transfusion with the drip drop
Sauce everywhere and got broccoli in my Ziploc
Tatted on my face, no role model, that's for Kid Bops
Got it on my waist, let that shit rock, I'm floatin'

[Chorus 2X: ScHoolboy Q]
Floatin', I'm floatin' (floatin') floatin' (floatin') floatin' (floatin')
Floatin', I'm floatin' (floatin') floatin' (floatin') floatin' (floatin')
Swag on max, got no legs bitch, I'm floatin'
Might turn into a ghost, punk bitch, yes I'm floatin'

[ScHoolboy Q]
(Woo!) Take it off, yeah, goin' off, yeah
Money been here, the body's in here, I'm bringin' up hell, the chopper don't fail
The Prada get late, the pussy gon' wait, the money I chase, the 'Rari don't break
You killin' my pace, the Carti' my face, a mil' in my safe, now hand me that tape
Ten toes in the mud, who the plug gettin' wrapped?
Ten-tone yellow pill, sellin' seals and it's facts, ayy
I ain't tryna wife you, too emotional ('motional)
Now take this in and out like it's supposed to go
Made it out the hood, had to bounce right quick (bounce right quick)
Wonder how I drop out, learn to count like this (learn to count like this)
Got a new house and a condo where I keep my shit (where I keep my shit)
Got a shoestring 'round that thang-thang, they don't build like this
Okay I'm floatin', ayy


[21 Savage]
I'm a Percocet floatin' (yeah) AR totin' (straight up)
Big blunt smokin' ass nigga (21, 21)
In the Maybach jokin' (straight up) drive the 'Rari like it's stolen (straight up)
He a broke Ford Focus ass nigga (ha)
Pay me for a show, I got a chopper (21)
All this smelly, they gon' call the coppers (21)
Can't run the game 'round rappers (straight up)
Cause I hang around all robbers (on God)
Little nigga, do you got a problem? (what?)
Little nigga, we'll come and solve it (straight up)
Cash comin' in, can't stop it (21)
I'm runnin' to the money, y'all joggin' (yeah)
Richard Milles represent victory (21)
Still the same, I'm just a richer me (on God)
A washed-up bitch don't mean shit to me (nothin')
I'ma let your best friend nibble me (yeah)
You can't do nothing for me
unless you leaving hickeys where my dick be (21)
I'm Slaughter Gang Savage
Freak hoes get punched just for tryna kiss me (21, 21)