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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ Kid Cudi
Album:  CrasH Talk
Song:   Dangerous
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: Kid Cudi]
I'm feelin' dangerous...
I'm feelin' nauseous...
Road left me crazy...
Soarin', I wanna, smokin' and faded
I got enormous, drinkin' and swangin'
I'm feelin' dangerous

[ScHoolboy Q]
Greet me by my hand 'til you teach me to float
Head is in the cloud with my stomach below
Somethin' 'bout this feelin', I felt it before
Took this pill and it swallowed me whole
Pinch me on my arm, is it Heaven or fun?
If I don't come back, had a hell of a run
Taste you through my nose, smell the death on the tongue
Can't get high enough to get over the hump, huh
How many friends around me helpin' me lose?
How many excuses until I'm excused?
Shadow my mornin', I ain't dreamin' it right
Ain't no way a flower could bloom in the night
Family tried to warn me, couldn't keep me away
'Til I figure flyin', I better escape
But flyin' ain't flyin' when you're stuck on your ass
Pleasure took my driver and caused me to crash, uhhh
Took me forever, we was stuck in the mud
Chicken crossed the road to get out of the hood
Was drawin' this darker feelin', feelin' my face
Somebody go hand my drug dealer a case (case, case)
Bass on the Perc' and activatin' the sub (sub, sub)
Sold my heart and soul, that's a hell of a drug (drug, drug)
Take this here, introduce you to love, uh
Take this here, introduce you to love

[Outro: Kid Cudi]
I'm feelin' dangerous (hmmmmm)
I'm feelin' nauseous (hmmmm)
Road left me crazy (hmmmmm)
Soarin', I wanna (hmmmm)
I'm feelin' dangerous (hmmmmm, hmmmm)