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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ DJ Dahi
Album:  CrasH Talk
Song:   Black Folk
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: DJ Dahi] + (ScHoolboy Q)
Wasted, wasted
Wasted, wasted
Wasted, I'm wasted
Wasted, wasted
(You ain't talkin' 'bout no bread or no guap or no fetti or no cake)
(Get the fuck up out my face, what you say?)
Wasted, wasted
Wasted, wasted (Woop woop)
Wasted, I'm wasted
Wasted wasted

[ScHoolboy Q]
Livin' like I'm 'posed to, yeah
I'ma fuck up like I'm 'posed to, yeah
Who knew failure make you better?
My adversities done turned me to a killer, uh
Sabotage, uh, men who washed, uh, give me cars
100 horse, uh, give me yours, uh, back and forth
Fast life, got the rock mane, it's a ball game
Cop chain, get a Benzo, it's a black thang
Court case, nigga shell case, it's a heat wave
Done for, killed the whole flow, no need for encore
I run this, I'd rather gun shit, I'll hit the function
I'm basic, don't wanna chase it, my talent wasted
I knows it, somehow I lost it, the way I folded
The black mind is where it started cause we was chosen
The water is where we crossed it and got to build it
With dreamin' but lost the feelin', we stopped believin' in


[ScHoolboy Q]
When I got it, it was great 'til you know then you start to hate
You know a fake nigga, his favorite words is "He fake"
Talkin' 'bout "I'll pay you back," bitch do that with your down payment
All that damn hatin', I'm better at love-makin'
Tryna stay positive out of negative energy
Nigga don't play with me, you must think my loyalty slavery, uh

[Outro: DJ Dahi]
Wasted, wasted
Wasted, wasted
Wasted, I'm wasted
Wasted, wasted