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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ Anderson .Paak
Album:  Blank Face LP
Song:   TorcH
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{*Schoolboy repeatedly says "Blank face" multiple times
 + Anderson harmonizes for 24 seconds*}

[Intro: Anderson .Paak]
I'll trade the noise for a piece of divine

[ScHoolboy Q]
This that "Fuck the blogs", the after bell, we hang in halls
Underaged, smokin' weed and alcohol
Grandma sweeped shells out the driveway
One of the homies got slayed so we bang at the King parade
I can take you spots where gangsters walk
The real damus and locs, "Boyz N the Hood" wasn't even close
Where the girls' kitten show, hit the dope and the pussy soaked
Now she get you for your change; Captain Save-A-Hoe mane
I ain't been right since out the cervix
I know a M can make it perfect, it came through more than the one I worship
You know I never lied, the truth be told, the dope, it gettin' sold
He got the runny nose
Summertime, we don't trust niggas in winter clothes
I swear the hood low as the, burner get rolls, I follow the city codes
My money short, missin' the days of Honey Oats
Dollar bills in momma's coat, cartoons and bubble soap
This be the realest shit I wrote
This be that ride that hunnid spoke, red and blue from head-to-toe

[Interlude: ScHoolboy Q]
Who needs a mothafuckin' friiiiend?
You see them mothafuckin' riiiims
Met the devil in disguiiiise
Look through my mothafuckin' eyyyy-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-yes

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak]
Look at my yard, look at my block, look at my zip code
All of these lies, true to my life, word to my pencil
Take what you want, get what you like, open that window
Ain't that simple? Ain't it that simple?
Dang, look through my mothafuckin' eyes
Vision impaired by the high
No cares on my mind, couple days, I'll be fine

[ScHoolboy Q]
This shit from 'round the back house, more baggies bagged than at Ralphs
In granny's plastic suede couch, best play cat and that mouse
A minor pitchin' in major, stay servin' dope but we cater
Take you back to my Sega, slammin' bones on that table
Runnin' errands for grams, the paramedics at Tam's
Forced to grow to a man, before L.A. had them Rams
Went to school for the bitches, where scorin' drugs was the goal
Lungs black as a crow, got banned from every hood sto'
My haters came for the better and money came for the loads
Concrete where we rose, you wasn't built from this mold
Uhh, fucked up the game with many flow
I've been a loc since embryo, I'm ten toes, you movie role
I do this shit for lifers way before
Jheri curls, cut Dickies and sherm smoke
Uhh, got so many bodies the world knows, shit
Don't worry 'bout no witness, your homies go under oath
Ohh, but our dreams was big, homie
The world done flipped on me, took my soul then clicked on me

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

[Anderson .Paak]
Uh, my picture was in full frame
But my vision had distort
My memory is okay
But my feelings on point
I could be here all day if you let me go
Go, go, go - ohh Lord
Heh, you don't know the half of what I had to hold
Hold, hold, hold - no Lord
Yeah, I see faces at my window
My patience growin' short
I had no one to lend on
That's why that chip is so cold
Kinda like the cocaine on my fallen bros
Bros, bros bros - oh Lord
Guess that's my curtain call, my last go, hah
Ahhh ahhh ahhh yeeeah
Heh, shut up, okay
Hey hah hah hah, hey hah hah ahhhhhhhh
Ahhhhhh, ahh yeah, ohh, hah hah
Say ain't this shit what you wanted to see? Yeah
Ain't this the, ain't, ain't this shit what you wanted to see?
Hahhhhh, heh