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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ Candice Pillay, Jadakiss
Album:  Blank Face LP
Song:   Groovy Tony
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: ScHoolboy Q] + (Candice Pillay)
Blank face (blank face)
Tre eight, kill everybody, fuck an AK
Sell narcotics and step my dollars up to Bill Gates (blank face)
Push all limits, you lookin' timid, need to back off
Punk-ass cops, them crackers want us with our black off (blank face)
Thug life nigga, since '96 I wanted to gang bang
Few years later I'm really from it, we were still kids (blank face)
Crack off nigga, I'm squeezin' empty 'til the shell break
Fuck my image, I need to drop, I need to (blank face)

[ScHoolboy Q] + (Candice Pillay)
Blank face
Cause brain damage from my mechanics, keepin' two ways
Sell narcotics, I'm slangin' diamonds with your pack then
Stack large commas, you with your riders with your backbone
Can't fold figures, I make deposits with the gold grin
Jeans look dirty, I lift the Chevy with the rims on
All bad bitches, they wanna fuck me with the cap gone
Real life nigga, I'm in the stu' 'til all the weed blown
Wait long, long, I hid the dope behind the cellphone
Y'all don't hear me, I want the money riiiiight, ugh (blank face)
Groovy Tony, no face killer, I see the money riiiiight, ugh (blank face)

Yo, blank face, clear everythin' out the safe
Crack the pig bank, robbin' your kids too
My heart an igloo, the devil in all blue, huh
Die now, go to Heaven or bring 'em through
Lot of brown 'round here, got that white girl for you
Uhh, and she swimmin' in fire water
Could be double digits, pistol through your Civic
Most die before they hear it, turn a nigga to a spirit
Drive slow oh, hey, hit the curb with shattered mirrors
Look around now you're hell bound, boogie down
Bullshit I won't allow, slang a bird every hou'
Smack a nigga with the heat, contradictin' now you peace
Leave you triple six layin' in defeat
Can you dig it? Struck a match, they won't finish
Drop a nigga off, get a nigga whipped
Squeezin' fingertips, aye


[Jadakiss] + {Candice Pillay}
Exactly what I'ma have when the cops come
Body language's the same as when the shots rung (yeah)
Holdin' a .38 and a shotgun (woo)
Real nigga, we all know you are not one (nah)
Runnin' with the rebels (uh)
It's a three-man weave with the Lord and the Devil (woo)
Really all I need is a pitchfork and a shovel
If I can't proceed then I resort to the metal {blank face}
Gettin' high watchin' NBA League Pass (who with?)
With your family at the re-pass (my condolences)
My heart's gettin' colder
When I hug your mom and look over her shoulder
You notice I got the {blank face} I heard nothin', I ain't seen nothin'
I ain't in the middle with nothin', no in between nothin' (nothin')
F y'all for ever hatin' me
As I sit there while they interrogate me
I'm starin' at 'em with the {blank face}