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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ Candice Pillay, Dem Jointz
Album:  Blank Face LP
Song:   Eddie Kane *
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* song starts after "Groovy Tony" at the 3:08 mark

[ScHoolboy Q]
Uhh, yo
Top rack nigga and the money came with it huh
New bitch with me, hope the booty came with it, came with it
Uh, yeah, rims flyin' down the road huh
Five in the mornin', feds knockin' on my door huh
Toilet full of dope while my burner knee high, uhh
Tell me put the gun down, I'm probably gon' die
I know, I know, big guns sell dope
Eddie Kane's little bro, 100K, one whip, hey~!

[Chorus: Dem Jointz]
Open Eddie Kane for hire, yeah, huh
Been tryna get rich for hours
Nights like this, I wish
Cocaine drops would, FALLLLL~!!
Woo, woo, woo, woo...

[ScHoolboy Q]
Yo, uhh.. yo, uh
Need the car with no mileage, Kristoff off my palate
My cigar full of cabbage, came from the dirt to the carrots
Gettin' dirty dollars, fuck different baby mommas
Dope between the speakers, so fuck you mister teacher
Cause the paper, I ace it, lead, they tried to erase it
But I'm still standin', they mad at everythin'
Nothin' given, I'ma take it first, on the trees like a hammock
Flip the work behind the campus
Young Groovy turn your hood into a movie (into a movie) gang bang it, don't slang it
GTA-in', shoot the whole club up, fuck tryna sneak the K in
On the road to riches
Thank you Mr. Reagan, you helped them dollars rake in
And to my uncle that fucked up the family
That shit that you was smokin', I was pushin' residue like on the cushion
I'ma blame it on your ass cause I ain't gettin' whoopings
And your proof is in the pudding, I'm his grandma's baby
Eddie Kane (Eddie Kane, Eddie Kane)

[Dem Jointz]
Standin' in the white light, and we on
And is there any other smokers in here?
Huh, and we on
And is there any other smokers in here?
Huh, and we on
Is there any other smokers in here? Huh
Keys open doors on the road to my heart
Dreams on the floor, bet a nigga stay high
And I know, what makes the world go 'round, go 'round, woo-hoo
What makes the world go 'round, go 'round, woo-hoo...

[Outro: Candice Pillay]
Walk towards the light
You'll get a feeling in the night
When you mention a ghost in your spite with your spice
You're my only Christ
I have only eyes
I have only eyes, for you
Your soul is all mine
Your soul is mine
Mine, mine, mine, mine...