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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ E-40, Smacc
Album:  Blank Face LP
Song:   Dope Dealer
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{"Metro Boomin want some more, nigga"}

[ScHoolboy Q]
Uhh, I got a sack of blue faces but my AR black
I got two bitches in my whip and they gon' hold my strap
I put the knife to the coca leaf and turn that crack
I put the nine to your coconut and pull that back
I see that motherfucker shinin' snatch your whole damn throat
I got a strike in every pocket of my old ass coat
I use to fly around your city nigga, no ID
I get a half and I'ma flip it, gotta go OT

[Chorus: ScHoolboy Q]
I think somebody gettin' bodied on the weekday!
Ayy, get out the waaaay~!
I'm in my new clothes, uhh
Now drop it for me for a bankroll (beitch!)
Bruh I'm lookin' like a motherfuckin' dope dealer nigga
Where the hoes? Where the blow? I'm just a dope dealer nigga
Paper in the paper bag, I'm a dope dealer nigga
Let any bitch to beat his ass, I'm a dope dealer nigga
Fuck your homies and the police, I'm a dope dealer nigga
Couple diamonds in my Rollie, I'm a dope dealer nigga
Got the plug on the dodie, I'm a dope dealer nigga
Better buck, your auntie know me, I'm a dope dealer nigga

Cali niggas is manish and we havin' it (greedy)
We got FN 57s and we savages (beasty)
My little niggas be impin', they some P's (hustlers)
Some of them sell candy, some sell trees (customers)
Me personally I'm a rapper and I'm spectacular (remarkable)
Got a way with my words, my lingo and vernacular (marketable)
I'll beat a bitch down, I promise you I ain't playin' (beat his ass)
Stomp his ass out, throw him up in the garbage can (the trash)
In the heart of the trap, you might find me slappin' bones (dominos)
In the thick of the soil, in the middle of a war zone (eatin' Dominos)
Where the gumbo pots boil and the taskforce raid our homes (vamonos)
Heavy surveillance, helicopters and drones (BEITCH~!!)


[ScHoolboy Q]
I got them egg whites and them oxtails for the low
I got them hot wheels, gotta push, start and it go
I got them 16’s of the Act' right and it's sealed
We on the frontline when its crunch time to get chilled
You us lil' niggas love gold chains and them whips
Make me rearrange your whole thang for my hip
I get this motherfucker jumpin', bitch you know why I came
They told me thou shalt not kill when I jumped in the flame
I'm cuckoo for the cocoa leaves and I turned it to dope
The money never grew on trees but I'm watchin' it grow
We talkin' codes, Latin hoes, told 'em "Ven aqui"
I get to swingin' on this chopper nigga, R.I.P

[Interlude: Smacc]
You heard what I mean?
It's your boy, yeah it's Smacc mane
Fuck with us mane, you know what I talkin' 'bout?
It's better livin' with mines mane, you heard what I mean?
We got break your bitch mane
We gon' send her back to you broke mane
You funky cock BIAAATCH

[Outro 2X: ScHoolboy Q]
White stones, panties gone, boom
Two phones, man he on, boom
Bank roll, hella hoes, boom
Big dope, blow your nose, boom